Ideas for the compare part of DXO

just an idea to improve the compare function because we just discussed one in Compare Before/After affect of the HSL tool - DxO PhotoLab / Tutorials, tips & resources for DxO PhotoLab - DxO Forums

What do you think about expanding the possibilities of the list filed to

So the user can decide which are the reference adjustments important to compare.

I would like to take the opportunity to link to the following threads with comparing themes

Compare several photos in same view - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums

Viewing two separate images - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums (closed December 18 but with a lot of good ideas)

Top 10 missing features - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums by florisvaneck withe the item

Comparing images : sometimes I just want to compare two images side-by-side to figure out which one is the absolute best. PhotoLab offers no easy way to do this.”

So we can also point to the preview side by side mode where we discussed the split mode vertical/horizontal

  1. Is it possible to implement the feature that we have the possibility for side-by-side and split independend from choosing local adjustments or not
  2. Is it possible to integrate the possibility for horizontal and vertical side-by side comparison with a shortcut or an Alt-Click onto the separation line.

Im not sure but I think in one of the Nik tools ( Analog Efex Pro), it is possible

Thanks a lot

Hi @Guenterm
personally, I’m no big fan of split preview, but prefer to toggle between two versions instantly, that is without any delay from being recalculated – comparable to switch on/off the layer in a pixel editor.
– And yes, all NIK Filters /Nik Collection (except the ‘new’ Perspective Efex) offer Split and Toggle View.

What I like about PL4’sss behaviour is to compare the activated state of tools (White balance color picker, HSL Hue picker, Local adjustments) with the ‘automatically’ preselected state without that tool – for ease of use (see your comment Compare Before/After affect of the HSL tool). With that I’m somewhat sceptic about a more detailed (manual) choice.

But what I’m missing is the possibility to compare 2 (or more) non-consecutive pics – if possible with zoom-capability (see Compare several photos in same view)
– and yes, FastStoneViewer can do it, but I would like it here in PL4 (again, for ease of use).

It’s so long ago, that Lightroom 5 (and ON1 PhotoRAW) realized similar functions. And this old LR allows softproof (side-by-side view).

Hi @Wolfgang,

thanks for your statement.
And yes no software will fit all needs for all users, but the compare discussion is very old, and got a lot of votes…47. But nothing happened.
Split, side by side, toggle however you call it are possibilities how to handle, but they are very arbitrary and seems to change from palette tool to palette tool.
I suggest to make some own tests and use LA (different settings), HSL, normal Light, Color, Geometry settings and so on and then use the compare and/or split views in different orders.
I was very amazed at all the things that could be done or not.
It looks so complex that I have thought to make a little film, but I think I will not come to an end or making the master cut :rofl:

hope the idea get some votes


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I agree, Wolfgang … but I like Guenter’s suggestion for being able to select additional comparisons in addition to White balance color picker, HSL Hue picker & Local adjustments.

John M

PS.Guenter; You forgot to vote.

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dear John thanks for pointing me to my own vote :slight_smile:

Dear @Wolfgang,

isn’t softproof (one functionality I miss in DXO)in LR normally the assignation of a paper profile to check the expected print result ?
Or did I miss something?

nice weekend


One thing i would find useful to add in the compare function is histogram being modified when comparing.
I do it with history but not so simple

Hi @Man,

you are welcome…please don’t forget to vote


That is Done :wink:

sorry, to be so late (did some experiments :slight_smile: )

Yes, with that assignation a paper profil is virtually applied
( = no conversion of the picture ).

It includes

  • the simulation of paper and printing colour ( = ink, in case of ink jet printer ) and
  • the choice of Rendering Intent ( LR5: perceptual or relative colorimetric ).

LR5 offers

  • a ‘direct’ comparison ( = toggling the picture’s state between orignal and simulation ),
  • a split view ( = comparing parts of original and simulation ) and
  • side-by-side ( = comparing original file with a virtual / proof copy, the simulation ).

Having a simulation is ‘nice’ (informative), but half the story. – It comes to life, as soon one can
control (= see) the colour output range and adjust the (permanently visible) virtual / proof copy,
accordingly to the original.
With softproof in LR5 activated, the histogram’s switch showing the light clipping turns into a colour range warning, while the switch for the blacks activates a limitation warning of the monitor’s colour range.

At present, PL4 allows some comparisons, but no simulation, and the Rendering Intent for export
– if one thinks to use it – is perceptual (fixed).

have fun, Wolfgang

further details how to with LR5
Add soft proofing to Photolab

Synchronisation (mass correction)

Pictures for a print collection or photo book are (usually) taken with indivual color settings.

TIFF’s are finished files and as such contain no more information about colour temperature.
Only with that it is possible to mass correct all pictures at once, with exactly the same settings.

edit: @StevenL – maybe to take notice