Color grading

I want color grading like Davinci Resolve has. In addition to being able to add color to highlights, shadows, and midtones, it would be nice to be able to set curves for brightness vs. brightness, hue vs. brightness, etc.

Why not voting for your own proposal?

I have been using DaVinci Resolve for a while now and am blown away with the tools available for colour grading. These tools are far better than ANYTHING I have seen in ANY photo editing software and they can all learn a huge amount from DaVinci Resolve.

Having said all that, I don’t see DxO ever getting close to this functionality.

that’s been requested many times and never seen the light yet.
C1, Lr and so many others have it for years but still missing within PL.

I know neither Lr nor C1.
Your request sounds like what brings Luminosity mask.

Mimicking colour grading with luminosity masks can be done, although it requires more effort, masks and fiddling. In comparison, colour grading is relatively straightforward. In Lightroom Classic, colour grading looks like this:

Crudely added red to midtones, green to shadows and blue to lights, all in one tool and a matter of seconds. If you’re after more refined looks, adjusting will need more time as you’ll have to change settings and check them against other images iteratively.

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@platypus thanks

My comment concerned


many haven’t seen or ever used color grading but it’s a powerful tool in video production, but also very useful in photo editing.
stop saying you can achieve the same result with luminosity mask or other ways around, it’s not about replicating the edit but the ease of use and how fast you can achieve it.

all video editing has it, and almost every photo software but PL really. otherwise get out there and download a software trial and play with it, then you’ll know what color grading is and does, or stick with the “old fashion” of if you never use or needed it then you’ll probably never will. same goes for Nik software.

here some screenshot of Lr, C1, blackmagic davinci resolve, apple final cut pro, just to name those

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Resolve is a much older program in an industry with a lot more demand and a lot bigger budgets so I doubt there are resources or need for it in photography. Although there are plenty of ways you can finish the image in any way you want in Photoshop and similar apps., the closets thing to what you mentioned in DXO is HSL wheels.

There is also ability to use local adjustments as well.

That being aid, I doubt DXO will replicate what Resolve has, but you can use resolve and Fusion if you like, free versions to work on your images, using many advance tools. Including custom DCTL. Which all are more than even Photoshop has.

Another vote here for Davinci Resolve…

And at least a half-vote for DxO extending PureRaw (the core lens/camera database and denoise technologies) to Blackmagic for inclusion in DaVinci…

I’d love to consolidate all of the tools I’m using. If DxO doesn’t have the internal resources to make a major feature catch-up effort in PhotoLab (look at the top-15 user requests), money can be made by porting PureRaw as a plugin for Davinci.

I don’t think that’s the kind of thing DxO see PL being for - more likely to appear in a Nik plugin to be honest. Color Grading is a creative option rather than a raw conversion step.
In fact, Colorefex does have tools for applying diffeent colours to different tones, you’d just need to apply them multiple times I suspect. (Having said that, the new PL does support LUTs which are kind of colour grading I suppose! So you never know)
But, if you have DaVinci, can’t you just use that on the finished tiff file? DaVinci is free (for some uses) and is one of the best tools for handling color grading IMHO.

it’s for video editing.
no it’s not a nik thing to be added. if PL finally has LUTs i’m not sure why they can’t add color grading now like everyone else.