Change color of lights, shadows, midtones indipendently wihtout using local adjustments

It would be nice to have a new color correction tab that would allow us to change colour to highlights, mid tones, and shadows independently without necessarily using local adjustments or curves.
This would make the creative colour correction much easier.

Take a look at the luminosity mask under local adjustments

that sound like color grading, there’s already a thread open:

The luminosity mask in colour grading is similar to what I’m looking for, however if I copy the luminosity local adjustment from one picture to the other I have to reposition the color picker to a similarly bright pixel, in order to achieve similar results from one picture and the other. which makes the editing proces much slower to me.


yep that’s it! Thanks for the reference, any idea if such a feature will ever be added to dxo?

they added LUTs so hopefully they add color grading soon, it’s been asked many times.