Color grading tool

In the last Lightroom update Adobe has released the Colorgrading tool for Lightroom and Camera Raw. It would be very nice to be able to use a similar tool in Photolab.

I would like to see something like this expand or replace the very limited Split Toning adjustment (presently brought into PhotoLab via FilmPack 5). Pertinent to the following feature request:

@J3rry, please remember to vote for your own suggestion at the top of this discussion! :point_up:

I would like to see a color grading tool or, at least, a more flexible split toning. Almost all the others raw conversors have a better one. It’s usefull and a very simple tool to create, in my point of view.

I agree and don’t forget to vote for your own proposal. :smile:

I agree, too! But there’s already at least one request for this:

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I’ve merged both topics :wink:

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