Feature Request - More colours available in Split Toning module

I’d love to have more colour options to choose from in the Split Toning module as with the current limited selection I am unable to create the required look and feel to the highlight and shadow areas to allow me to recreate certain looks.

Many thanks!

Hello Andy,
Thanks for your feedback.
I do agree with you that a future version of our split toning could bring more options to the table, providing you and all of our users with more “creative space”, helping them find the right look for each picture…


Hi @StevenL

Should we understand that this is already on your backlog? (but only for FilmPack then I assume)


Hi Ric,
Yes, it is :wink: and not necessarily for FilmPack only…


Any news on this? DxO PL4 has been announced today, but I saw no reference to something like this. Yet I guess this would look like a “major” feature. Meaning if not for this year, I shouldn’t hope to see it happening before Fall 2021…?

Having more choices, especially a color wheel from which to choose, would be a big improvement.

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