Color Grading In Lightroom Vs. DXO 4

I was watching my son color grade an image using the color wheels in the Lightroom Color panel. He is able to push specific colors into either shadow, highlights or mid-tones. This is a great feature. Is there a way to do something similar in DXO 4?

The HSL panel seems to adjust based on the color. I can adjust the brightness of a color but I can’t push a color into the shadows, or highlight areas of the image.

The Tone curve only adjusts the brightness of the selected RGB.


Nice to see that you’re still using PL. :slight_smile:
What you want could be done rather easily with HSL if, instead of being only a hue, the source color would take into account the luminance. We would also need to be able to set color adjustments to some memory slot. (Layers maybe ?)
I voted for your suggestion. Remember that you can also vote for it… rather strangely, I must say. :smiley:

Thanks for the reply. How do I cast a vote for a suggestion?



Never mind…I found it.

Thanks again.

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Not sure, if I understood properly. – In PL4 you might try

< Split toning >
Screen Shot 01-11-21 at 08.43 PM
which separates High and Low tones

and / or

< HSL tool >

where one pulls the outer ring to change colour (hue).

have fun, Wolfgang

@Wolfgang, Lightroom’s new color grading tool can change hues depending on whether they are high, mid or low. Similar to split-toning, but different (three ranges)…

Original image: grayscale, tweaked image: each of the high, mid and low zones can get a tint of whatever hue and intensity (e.g. yellow, mauve, green), the ranges can be varied too.

Thank you for letting me know.

Hi, please be aware that there is already a request for a color grading tool like Lightroom’s. It has 18 votes. Is this newer request any different?

I’ve seen similar colour control interface in Davinci Resolve 17 an think it would be a good improvement for HSL and the whole workflow…you got my vote.

best regards

there’s no color grading in PL, the split toning is really old basic limited in color that can be use, and doesn’t have effect on highlight / shadows / midtone but on highlight and shadows only.

here’s C1 and Lr color grading, and yes davinci resolve has color grading.

If you’re looking to color-grade like Lightroom or Capture One, your not going to find that with PL4 or DXO.

My only guess is these features of technology are patented in some way/shape/form. I can’t imagine that Capture One has engineers that have more sophistication or resource available to them than Adobe. But who knows? I still can’t believe it’s taken almost 4 years for Adobe to barely even come in the same arena as Capture One with color adjustment in Lightroom.

I’d still take a more advanced curve panel and levels over color grading at this point, holding out all votes for that :wink:

Well… it has its purpose and with efficiency for portraits and commercial, but if you shoot wildlife or architecture that might not be any close to what you need.