Color and Saturation shifts on return to lightroom

I am experiencing significant color and saturation changes in images processed in PL6 elite for noise and lens correction when they are returned to Lightroom. (DP and DPXD) The images appear as expected in PL6, but when returned to Lightroom, there is a significant shift in saturation and color balance that requires time consuming adjustments to then color correct and match the image to the original images appearance. I have observed this with images from Nikon Z9, D850 and D100. There is a similar although less pronounced issue in PureRaw 2 since the last update when compared directly to images previously processed in PureRaw2. Anyone else having these issues? It pretty much is rendering my go to app to my least used app for NR and lens correction.

Hi Leith,

had a similar problem PL internally and when moving window from one monitor to another. As it is said it depends on which monitor PL is started. That was the response to the ticket.

PL5: Saturation changes in fullscreen mode - DxO PhotoLab / DxO PhotoLab Windows - DxO Forums

Good luck
Cheers Guido