Chromatic Aberration Auto colour fringing

From using other s/w, previously, I assumed that the Auto setting for CA was pretty safe to use, correcting as necessary, for bright situations. This doesn’t seem to be the case with PL4. The attached show the the impact when the only difference is CA Auto being set. Notice the dark blue on fingers, wrist and lips. There is no profile for the camera/lens/extender combo but I didn’t think that would matter in Auto. The raw file is linked in Dropbox, if interested. Is it a bug, poor implementation or should I not assume that CA Auto should correct where needed? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance. (Might not be able to respond quickly, as I have an eye op today)

There are many adjustments in PhotoLab for which auto settings are too much. Noise reduction, Microcontrast, and ClearView Plus are adjustments I usually turn down. I find that Chromatic aberration adjustments vary according to equipment and image. Several of my lenses suffer from strong CA and so sometimes need fine tuning. But the defaults I use aren’t the auto settings - they are 100 for intensity and 4 for size. I find 9 is usually too much for size unless you have particularly strong CA. The auto setting isn’t smart enough to meet your expectations.

I suggest starting with 100 and 4 for your defaults. For your image, increase the intensity, not the size. I tried it - increasing intensity gets the red out without introducing silver.


Thanks for the tip @Egregius! Like some others, I process a lot of images at a time, so was hoping Auto would work. I will try what you suggest and see if I can make a one-size-fits-all for the combo/shoot in hand. That would be the next best option, I guess. Off to the vets, as we call it, (hospital for eye op :rofl:) now. Again, thanks!

Greg is correct. The actual defaults are 100 and 4. I always use the defaults and just adjust from there as needed. .


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G’day, Mike.

Just a thought: try switching ON the “magic wand” options: image … this will tell PL to analyse the image and to assign what it thinks are appropriate settings for this specific image (I’m guessing that Size = 9 is too much for this example).

Note: You can save this state (with “magic wands” = ON/Active) to your default Preset - so that they’re ready-to-go for each and every image.

So, I assume you’re proceeding with no Optics Module being available … Right ?

Regards, John M

PS. Best of luck with the eye op.

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John, the magic wand sets the Size to 9. I confirmed this when I downloaded the RAW image. And that was with an optics module. (PhotoLab 4.0.2)


G’day, John
Thanks for the response! I am back from surgery, reading with one eye and a bubble in the other for 2 weeks - should make editing interesting!:rofl:

Yes, the screenshot above was taken using “auto”, as I called it, or magic wand in my preset. That’s what produced the fringing, so I won’t be relying on that anymore. The defaults, 100 and 4 do eliminate the fringing but so does turning off CA altogether. Yes, too, there is no optics module for a Canon EF 400mm 2.8L II with 2x Ext or 1.4x Ext, so I am working without one.

I had thought of getting Canon’s Digital Photo Professional to save the profile in the raw, which it can do, apparently, but PL4 would just ignore it, anyway, from my understanding.

Appreciate your time :blush:

Cheers, Mike

That’s right. The optics module was wrong for the lens, anyway, as it’s an EF 400mm 2.8L + 2x Ext.

Thanks for the response.


Are you sure of that, Mike ?
It’s not clear from your screen-shots (then again, I’m not familiar with the Mac UI)


G’Day John

I’m pretty sure, unless I’ve got it all wrong. I assume it’s a Mac interface thing, so I’ve put up another screen shot showing DEEPprime and CA both on “magic wand”. The wand shows only when the wand or auto settings are set. Notice it says “Auto” alongside “DXO Denoising Technologies” The same applies to Horizon and other settings. For whatever reason, CA shows the wand but doesn’t display “Auto” when it’s used.

Hope that explains


Ah, OK - obviously different from the Win version then … See my screenshot above: the “magic wands” are highlighted - and the “Auto” indicator is present.


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Well, just to round that conversation off, I went to another image that did have an optics module and the CA, using magic wand, did show an Auto in the tab. So, it seems that, on Mac, magic wand gives the same settings but you get an Auto indicator when using a lens with an optics profile. It does make me wonder if magic wand is actually doing anything because the other image is an indoor portrait. :man_shrugging:


Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 11.58.06 am

Ah, yes - That explains it, Mike - - I was forgetting you said the image in question had no Optics Module.

Yes, it does. With an Optics Module available, it causes PL to “examine” the image and apply settings it deems appropriate. You can see an example in my screenshot above, where it assigned Size=3.


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I’m picking up the topic here: