Chromatic Aberration Correction Defaults

I’ve wondered for a while why CA correction is not set to auto in DxO’s default corrections. “DxO Standard” leaves the size wand off:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-21 um 12.47.03

When I click on the magic wand, I get this:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-21 um 12.47.10

With full “Auto” settings, the CA correction is just a tad better and the size slider’s value changes depending on which image is in focus, which means that “size” matters imo.

@CaptainPO : Why does DxO fit one size to all images in this case?

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Just made the same experience. Had the first time visible chr. aberrations. So I looked out for this, also first time. Clicking on size also changes the value for me. Good to know and will do this now always manually. But as you have already stated, the question is, why not by default?

Hi Platypus - - I asked a similar question here … and received this response;

However, I don’t quite buy it as being a “dumb default value” either - - as, like in your example, I’ve seen it change according to the specific image. All the same, on Benoit’s advice, I left it as it was (Off = 4).

John M

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