Channel mixer in PL7

Just upgraded to 7 and testing out black and white conversion
When using sliders in channel mixer nothing happens on the image. I have clicked on black and white conversion above - what am I missing?

There apparently is a bug in the channel mixer if you don’t also have a license for FilmPack. Presumably DxO is addressing it and will correct it soon.


Ah that makes sense then as it says it should work in the help notes under the tab. Many thanks for reply

I have a FilmPack license and as a result don’t have this problem. A number of users without FilmPack have reported this issue. While, as far as I know, DxO has not responded to it in this forum, they monitor this site and I am confident it will be addressed in a point update soon.


I’ve addressed the issue with DxO support. The issue will be fixed in a future update.

Meanwhile, you can use HSL for B&W:


Thank you all for the info. In the mean time I have activated film pack trial and sliders work and I can test out the other features of it

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Even if you ultimately decide not to purchase FilmPack, hopefully sometime during your 30 day trial DxO will have fixed the Channel Mixer issue. In the meantime, check out the four Fine contrast sliders FilmPack adds to the Contrast section of the Light Palette. There is the overall Fine contrast slider as well as separate fine contrast sliders for Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows. An excellent addition which I use all the time.



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New update released today should fix it

Had a go at them and that is very useful so thank you for the heads up

Not on Windows as yet