Changing the UPoint form


It would be great if we could tweak the U point circular form into ellipse or square, even something in the middle. I use several subcircle to do the trick but it’s not really user friendly…


Take a look at Control Lines - they are much more flexible

Yes control lines are a terrific new tool, but I agree that it would be a very nice enhancement If we could reshape circular control points into ellipses.


This is a popular feature request. It already exists here and is still open for votes:

Here’s another that’s three years older: (Maybe these can all be merged?)

A freeform drawing tool would be a super nice addition to circles, elipsis, and rectangles for easy and powerful masking

Hi Arnaud - - Whilst I’m NOT saying your suggestion/request is necessarily unnecessary - - I thought it might be helpful to check/confirm your understanding of how LP’s U-Points are applied … which is NOT directly determined by their shape …

As noted in 2nd link provided above by @Egregius/Greg;

Actually, not entirely Immaterial, as the shape (and size) does determine the “area of influence” - but, that’s all the shape does, and nothing else.

The best/most obvious way to check this out is to turn masking ON while making changes to any of the Local Adjustment settings.

Hope that helps … John


Thanks for pointing that out. That was not entirey clear to me either. The PDF manual having a inexistant navigation it’s not easy to get the information.

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Well Dirk, what do you expect of a software company? Each and every hardware manufacturer has to stick to rather tight security regulations and mercy god to him if he forgets the “may contain traces of nuts”. If the hardware manual is faulty, you can get a price reduction just because of a missing fact.

Software devs on the other hand are acting outside of the law: no punishment for what’s going wrong, no compensations of wasted user’s time, no obligations to repair their crap. All happens on your own responsibility and our fault if we don’t read 2300 pages of enduser license agreements.

Thanks John, I’ll try.