Change control point from circle to ellipse?

A VERY powerful addition to the local corrections control point interface would be to add the ability to change a control point to an ellipse (i.e. change the width or height of a control point separately, with the ability to rotate the ellipse). This would eliminate 90% of the problems I have with control points, and make it so I’m even less inclined to export photos into photoshop.

Seems like it might be pretty hard to do, from a programming standpoint, but it would make Photo Lab WAY more powerful!


I don’t understand the utility of an elliptical control point. To quote the manual: “… the tool analyzes the luminosity, contrast, and color of the pixels at that point…”. Therefore, the shape of the control point is immaterial. However, changing the sample size at the control point might be a convenient tool. For example, the Photoshop eyedropper tool offers sample sizes from 3 X 3 pixels to 100 X 100.

Very important point

When I first started using PL and was new to the control point concept, I thought an ellipse would be useful, but then I realized I could achieve the desired result by adding more control points linked to the original control point, and could also add “neutral” control points to cancel out part of other linked control points. I find that this gives me all the adjustability I need when using a control point.

What I would like is a true radial filter that affects everything inside the ellipse, regardless of colour or luminosity. If that’s what you’re looking for, there’s a separate thread where you can vote for a radial filter.

Adding a bunch of linked control points slows the system down a lot so that every time you make a new adjustment it takes a while for it to load. I don’t want to have to wait 7 seconds to see some minor white balance change because I have 40 control points and linked control points on an image. Elliptical control points could cut my control point usage down by like 70%, and still probably look “smoother” than just adding a ton of little circles.

Also the program crashes semi frequently when I have a ton of control points on an image.

A true radial filter would be awesome too. Again, a radial filter would have less useability if you weren’t able to change it from a circle to an adjustable ellipse. I’d have the exact same problem with radial filters if I could only make circles.

I’m talking about the adjustable circle around the control point, the “area of effect”.

Every true radial filter kann be adjusted in size, position, tilt and form of course. So this could easily be an ellipse. About such a radial filter is the voteable feature request mentioned above.