Capture One HDR Files not supported

Normal DNG files from Capture One are processed in PR2, however, when I try to load an HDR file I get a message telling me that the file couldn’t be imported and may be corrupt.

I have asked on the C1 forum also.



What is a HDR file?


A blended file made from an under/over/correct exposure. Capture One has the ability to merge a group of files to produce a blended one.

That’s just a RGB raster image, isn’t it? What is the extension?


It a .DNG file. C1 adds a .HDR to the file name as PR 2 adds DEEP…

Can you share one of your C1 HDR.DNG files? Use a sharing service, if the file is too big to attach it here and attach the link instead.

Other than that, PureRaw is meant to handle RAW files and the C1 HDR file is almost certainly not a RAW file any more. If you want, you can process the individual files with PureRaw first and then try, if C1 will merge the resulting output files.

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This is how I handle panoramics and focus stacks, except I use PhotoLab to export the RAW files with optical corrections and DeepPRIME. Then I work on the exported files in Affinity Photo.

It’s still a DNG file which ACR can handle. Here’s the link: Dropbox - Tumba_1004_DJI_0125_HDR.dng - Simplify your life

Basically, things can be fairly simple.

If “do A, then B” does not work, try “Do B, Then A” and if A and B don’t work replace them by something else. :innocent:

My C1 version 12 can not yet merge images for HDR and panorama output, but the current version might be happy with PureRaw’s DNG files. PureRaw is fairly picky regarding input files, but, if all you have is a picky preprocessor and C1, then you’ll have to try and make do.

Does that really work? Optimising an image before working on it sounds counterintuitive.

Really, that’s an interesting approach. I have a DNG file that Adobe software can read. As Adobe invented DNG, that seems to imply that my file is OK. My view is that PR has a bug. It claims to support DNG.

Check out what DxO says about DNG support:

That must have been written by a politician.

off topic & sidenote:

I could open that file with PL5.2.0

Screen Shot 04-21-22 at 11.16 AM 001

All is not lost. Your file opens in DxO PhotoLab (@Wolfgang found that too)
Nevertheless, it’s a processed DNG file and PureRAW will probably reject it as such for quite a while - and that’s DxO’s design decision rather than a bug.

From left: PhotoLab, PureRAW, Lightroom Classic

Your dng file is only 635kB. There’s something wrong with that file,


Hi George, try again. At first I also got a small file …

Apologies I deleted it. It’s a 125MB file

Thanks to you and Wolfgang for your work, most appreciated. Capture One is something that is a showstopper for me. I chose not to use LR when it first appeared, despite paying for it every month.

I will test further with the PR2 and then C1 approach. My first preference is not to use HDR at all but that is a bit of a challenge too.

You need to process with PR first en then do the HDR merge.