Capture One HDR Files not supported

You might also want to try DxO PhotoLab instead of PureRAW. PhotoLab allows to control corrections much more finely.

Thanks Will do.

Thanks but I need another piece of software like I need covid. I actually have an old DXO licence. I have bits and pieces that need PS and I just don’t have the strength to change.

DNG is just the format, and like any other format, there’s a lot of variables at work. Technically, PureRAW generates a linear DNG file when it’s done processing. Once you’ve sent an image to some other image processor, you’ve altered the raw data from the sensor. Since PureRaw corrects for both noise and distortion at the raw level there’s no way it can correct a file that’s been altered, which is always true in an HDR file. About the only DNG it will process is a direct, unaltered conversion from raw to DNG. It is, after all, called Pure Raw. :blush:

Another way to think of this would be a JPEG file that’s straight out of camera. At that point, you have all of the noise, artifacts, distortion, etc. that are created by the camera and lens by default. You can modify that image and still save it as a JPEG, but it’s not the same as it was originally shot.

Hope this helps.

I understand all of that. If you read the thread, Pl can open the HDR so it looks like a feature of PR.