Can't find the equivalent of LR Whites adjustment in DXO PhotoLab

I’ve been testing DXO Photolab lately and considering switching from Lightroom. In LR I am very used to the Whites slider in the basic adjustments. But I can’t seem to find such a slider nor I can see another tool that can achieve the same effect. Am I missing something here?

Thanks for the help!

If you read this you might get up to speed. :blush:

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Also this:

Thanks, that’s the info I needed!

Normal work flow would be: set black point, set white point, set gamma. If this is not enough, tweak curves.
Raw developers often use exposure and contrast tools instead which just make exact processing harder. Tools mentioned in this thread complicate process even more.

Normal work flow for LR ? … One of the reasons I prefer using PhotoLab is that I don’t need to go thru these mundane steps for every image.

John M


Normal for any graphics software. Setting white and black points is far preferable to using exposure and brightness which often are intermixed and may produce unexpected results. Of course software can do this automatically which far reduces the mundane-ness.