Cancelling "export to disk"


How can I cancel “export to disk”? With Prime or especially DeepPrime, it irks a lot when you press the export button and realize you need to do something more. You have to wait a lot of time with a slower computer.

I can see no cancel button. Is there one and how is it possible there isn’t if so?

Hello @RS86 and welcome to the forum,

You can cancel any export by pressing “X” button in the export progression window:


Svetlana G.


Now I found it! I have minimized the export-window to the bottom left of the screen.

And when the window is small enough, Nik Collection button & that button you showed dissappears.

Could it be possible to make the Nik Collection button without the text so I could see both buttons when I make the window this small.

Otherwise the window is too big and it is in the way of the photo I edit.

Or maybe an option to take those button-texts away? Export to disk & Nik Collection buttons in the non-attached window I mean.

Hi. Thanks for answering.

I can see no such thing anywhere on my Photolab 4.

Dear @RS86,

You can even remove Nik collection button via Preferences:

Svetlana G.

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The problem isn’t the button. I just upgraded to Nik Collection 3.

I would like that the buttons are showing even if I have made the Export-window quite small (so that it is not in front of the photo I edit, but on the bottom left of the screen).

Now if I make the window small, the Nik & Export buttons disappear altogether. That is because the buttons have text in them, not only icons, so they are too big.

I would like if Dxo made it possible to only show the buttons, not the text next to them, so the smaller window would show the buttons and not hide them.

Below is a screenshot of what I mean. If I make the window smaller so it is not in front of my photo editing, those buttons will dissappear. It is not good.

Hello @RS86,

Actually, they do not completely disappear but moved under the cut (a small arrow on the right):

If you still want this one:

You should create a feature request and we will see if it’s supported by the other users.

Svetlana G.

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Can there be added a “Pause” button? :pleading_face:
Some times i like to do some on a other image then in the list of export and in my old computer 2 hours for rendering 100 plus images in DeepPrime is a thing when you like to do something.
So a Pause button will help in that.


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Peter, why don’t you do all the edits for all images and when you are finished, or in the evening you “Export”
While you sleep all will be done.

Most of the time i do, knowing it cost hours for a full batch of 200.
But some times i see some thing i want to edit or change, or i need the cpu power for something else.
Then a delete / cancel is kind of stopping.
The exported are the one’s who i don’t select second time when i let start again.
A pauze button would simplify this action.

Hi Peter. To make this selection process a bit easier (when you have cancelled an Export-in-progress), you can use the Filter option; to exclude Procesed Images.


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Okay, interesting.

Well I can’t bother to do such a thing, I have other things to do.

I already showed how this window is problematic with those texts next to the buttons, while there isn’t much need for such texts there.

Dxo can change it, or not.

I found another issue. In Photolab 3 the window stayed where I put it, if I closed the program, and restarted it.

Now in Photolab 4 I have to move the window to bottom left every time I start the program.

I’d like to add that Dxo Photolab is the one and only RAW-editor for me. It’s the best.

Just hope the developers take notice of tips customers give.

Hello @OXiDant,

As an experienced forum user you know what to do :wink: Please, search for a similar request and vote or create a new one if nothing is found.

Svetlana G.

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Good morning @RS86,

Well, it does not work like that unless it’s a bug. Because if you think that something should be changed you should create a request (it can happen that other users can be against for example). And only then judging by the votes and feedback we will make a decision if it should be changed or not.

P.S. And for each new request, issue you should create a separate post.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Hi John,
I know we have a few workarounds but most of my resource “sucking” applications have a “pauze/resume” button. Which i use to suspend some cpu load when i need for some time a faster pc for something else. Now DeepPrime is a very big resource gobbler is could be a good addition in the export menu.
I think i bake a feature request this weekend…:wink:

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I don’t have time for it. Logically not many care about this kind of minor thing, as not everyone puts the small window on the side.

So it would be very unlikely to get many votes, so your system doesn’t work so well for these kind of things.