Add a option in export modes like "Pauze"

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We know Deep prime can bound your resources of your pc for hours in largere export and to “free” your CPU power you have few options:
1 cancel export, do your thing and reselect image’s to proceed.
2 forget about it and go to bed or watch TV.
3 restrict CPU use for DXOPL in Windows taskmanager. (then it 's slower)
4 ignore cpu load and hope your taskmanager can balance the application requests for CPU use properly.

my proposition is add a function to the export sub window.
export 1

export 3
add a function like this:

this way i can temporaly free resources and free up CPU time for something else.
and resume export when i am ready without reselecting or re-do hole export again with override excisting files.

Why don’t you just CANCEL the export by clicking on the X? Then restart when you are ready. You don’t even need to reselect. Or do I not understand your question. I guess a dedicated PAUSE button would be more convenient.

There may not be a critical need for a “Pause” button for those of us who have very powerful GPU’s and only use DeepPRIME for NR.

However, for those of us who don’t have fast GPUs, or whose GPU’s are not supported at all, exporting a large number of images with DeepPRIME can take quite a while.

Additionally many people may still use PRIME NR for their exports for one reason ot another and GPUs are not used for PRIME exports. As a result multiple PRIME exports can take a long time to complete.

I agree that a “Pause” button could be very useful feature for many users.

Mark .

ok say you export 200 images and around 88 or 112 you need the pc again and his cpu power for something else.
cancel will abort export and in your export folder are 88 or 112 images which are exported and ready.
marked with “v” So reselect the one’s you need to export by select -shift/select and restart.
works fine. But! why do i need this to claim some resources for something else if a simple “pause/restart” button can simplify this behaviour.
i don’t think it’s a big programming effort neither a big layout change in the export interface.
My pc can run hours rendering at 88% CPU and keep it’s temperatures of cores safe because i set this in preferences so that’s not a problem, my problem lies in sluggly ness of other applications or additional extra editing.

Looking further:
folder one 75 image’s => export to a dedicated folder hit pause
folder two edit 60 image’s => export to a other dedicated folder and hit pause
folder three edit 111 images => export and resume the other two to export all when i walk away.

This way i can pre line up my export commands and forget about it wile working on other files.
And say export in the end.
(a export and shutdown application when ready command is the next level)

Not everyone has a 24 core amd rysen 9 and 24Gb videocard or want to pay for such.
It’s about usability of your system when using Deepprime exports,

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I do not want to start a new thread: a related suggestion is to make saving under a new name (with xxx-1, etc.) a preference instead of clicking on it every time.

I do not see how that is related at all to this specific feature request. I believe your idea should be part of a separate request for new export functionality. Each specific feature request should be posted and voted on separately. The feature request functionality is not intended for compound feature sets.