Can Nik v3 and Nik v5 co-exist?

I’m considering upgrading my Nik v3 to Nik v5 during the current sale. Nik v3 is working fine in my limited use on an M1 Max on Monterey 12.5.1. What concerns me is that I’d like to trial Nik v5 before committing to it. I don’t want an uninstall, I don’t want all my preferences erases.

Basically I’d like the two to co-exist while I make up my mind whether I get on better with Nik v5. My main Nik tool is Silver Efex.

Have any current users attempted to have Nik v3 and Nik v5 installed simultaneously?

Is there anyone at DxO who can provide a professional opinion on the viability of this setup?

I would be grateful for any input.

I’ve used parallel installations of Nik and posted some “How-To” in the forum.
As far as I remember, it was around the time of Nik2/Nik3.

Yes (while testing it) … but now run Nik 4 (+ 3) on Windows.

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Thanks for linking your previous post @Wolfgang . It looks like enough potential trouble that I’ll hold off on Nik v5. If someone from DxO has detailed instructions on how to create two permanent installations of Nik without erasing my Nik v3 with its preferences, I’m game to try.

I’m quite capable of running install commands from terminal with modifier commands (which might allow multiple installs for development reasons).

Anyone else on Mac dropping by with Nik v5 and Affinity Photo – how well does Nik v5 do as a plugin from Affinity Photo plugin?