Buttons to display tools by families

Hi , I`ve just upgraded to Photolab 4 and there is something confusing in the new interface. When I click on one of the icons to filter tools by families, the tools are arranged in a different order as they are in the main bar. When selecting the Light tools filter, Exposure compensation is the fourth option where it should be the first one. It’s confusing because I expect to find the tools in the same order that I am used to. The same applies to the rest of the tools/buttons (Colour, Detail, etc). Is there a way to rearrange the tools in the correct order?

This behavior was noted during beta testing. In the Windows 10 filtered versions, tools are in alphabetical order. It is not clear why. However, this tool is brand new and evolving. It will likely be updated in PL4’s point releases. Stay tuned.



As Mark explains; not yet. Meanwhile, you may find this helpful …

John M

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As the tool evolves you may regret that choice and move the histogram back to the left.


Hello guys,

@UsrTfe welcome to the Forum. Yes, it was done in the ABC order on purpose - we’ve decided that it’s easier for the newcomers.

But we received the feedback from the beta testers that for some of them it’s not comfortable at all, that’s true. So the problem will be resolved with the implementation of the ability to rearrange the order of the sub-palettes.

Svetlana G.