Blocking on "Preview of corrections"


For a few days, when I make local edits on PL7, the screen remains blocked on “preview of corrections”.

I can change photos or go back to “Photo Library”, but the software remains blocked for treatments.

Did anyone else encounter the same problem and how to fix it?

Thank you.

Hi Serge

It smells like a corrupt graphics card driver.
Update via the builder website, not via Windows Update.


Thanks for the answer, but I have a MacBook, so no graphics card driver problem.

Never ?

Je blague, mais je pense réellement à un problème hardware.

there is a thread regarding an issue with PL7 latest update that freezed with the spinning wheel, which haven’t been fixed as i know.

@leraymur try removing DP XD and see if it works! The GPU (or whatever you have in your MacBook, e.g. M?) is used to render the preview window.

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I was fighting with my iMac M1 and I discover that I am not the only one! It began with the message I show on a picture. But I saw it only one time and now it freezes for nearly any picture I try to develop.

En fait, il semble que ce soit bien un bug de PL7 sur Mac… le hardware n’y est pour rien (c’est du Mac :smile: :grin: :joy:).

Yes, I see this occasionally too; after a session of applying corrections, and not necessarily related to LAs. The only solution is to force stop of PL and restart it.

It’s not occurring often enuff to be of major concern to me - more a nuisance.

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