Black Friday 2019: Half Price for PhotoLab, NIK and Updates

Because there is no promoting from DxO here, I thought, I would mention it. There is currently a 50% off on everything I have seen:

NIK: 74,99€ and 34,99€ (upgrade)
PhotoLab 3 Elite (new): 99,99€, PhotoLab 2 Elite (upgrade): 44.99 €
Filmpack 5 Elite: 64,99€ and 34,99€ (upgrade)
ViewPoint 3: 39,99€ and 24,99€ (upgrade)


I spoiled myself with a license for Filmpack 5 Elite. :slight_smile:


I predict that I will do the same before I go to bed tonight. :smile: I’m easily hooked at these prices. I think I’ll also upgrade to PhotoLab 2 now rather than wait for its promised improvements to be delivered in full. Well played, DxO! Take my money!


I could not stop myself.
I bought a PL Elite as Xmas gift for my brother as well. :slight_smile:

Post deleted as I realise I’m answering an old one

My proposition: Get the suite:

Also check this: Nik and PL2 Essential then upgrade to PL3 Elite


The post updated to 2019 proposition of Black Friday :slight_smile:

Decided to buy the NIK plugins. Been using the Google ones up till now, but £63 was too good not to buy it.

Downside is I still haven’t got my confirmation email so I am going to have to use the trial mode till it does. II guess the servers are busy today!

Do you have trackers on my PC? The moment I posted the above the Activation worked :joy:


Well, possibly against my better judgement, I upgraded but didn’t activate last week during the sale so I could get a refund (within 14 days) in case there was a Black Friday sale. Now to see if I can get a refund in time to take advantage of the Black Friday deal…

I obviously don’t check in here very often, but I really wish DxO marketing would think things through a bit.

They released PL3 just over a month ago and sent multiple e-mails to encourage taking advantage of limited-time discounted upgrade pricing, which I did. Then they offer an even cheaper price for the US Black Friday sale, making anybody who fell for the “limited time discounted upgrade” offer feel a bit foolish and decide not to buy the Nik Collection.

Wouldn’t it have been better to just extend the discounted upgrades through this weekend, and do the 50% discount on everything else?

They did this last year and I swore I wouldn’t fall for it again, hence why I purchased but didn’t activate. It’s a poor way to treat customers, but I’ll take the $45 upgrade.

Black Friday deals are nice when they come along, but aren’t guaranteed and don’t last. Same thing happened last year. I choose to be happy with my own decision to buy early.


Hi DXO team, it is good to have good price but it is a lot of frustration for those that did not thought about black Friday. PL3 was released few weeks ago and it is already 50% off.
Why did I paid double price few weeks ago to switch to PL3 ?

You started to use it a few weeks ago and didn’t have to wait.


Why does people wait for sales to buy something and others buy all year long ?
Free will !
Be smart or complain, we all can choose. Nothing new or special here.


I can tell you that if I knew that I would never have paid double price for few weeks.

Check out the DxO website FAQ:

In fact, now in our economic world the rule sound like : Never buy at official price, always waiting for discount, be patient … there are ever discount price …

Waiting can indeed save money: There will always be better versions too. Wait for those and don’t buy until you find that you can live and be happy with what you have…