Nik and PL2 Essential then upgrade to PL3 Elite


I am interested in buying PL3 Elite at the current Black Friday price, but am also interested in the Nik Collection, however this only comes with PL2 Essential.

Can someone please advise what the upgrade price would be if I bought Nik Collection and then upgraded the PL2 Essential to PLS Elite at the current Black Friday prices?

Thank you

Digging around in the DxO website I found the answer to your question:

With this offer, you’ll get NIK and DPL only. FilmPack and ViewPoint are not included.

Looking for the whole bunch, I find these Black Friday prices (in EUR) today
75.- for the Nik Collection including a free crossgrade to DPL 3 Elite (see above)
40.- for ViewPoint
65.- for FilmPack Elite

Disclaimer: All info given without further obligation from my side.