Better consistency please

As you can see in this post, Nik still stores things all over the place. One quick win would be to store user presets consistently…

I thought it was about the different user interface and thus the confusing use of NIK and DxOPL… :grinning:

That’s why i avoid using NIK v1 of dxo freeware, (don’t know if the latest version is changed in UI.), which amplifies the confusement by the way.

I am adapted to the controlpoint use of DxO and when i am open a NIK tool i have to trail and error myself in to there UI. Every time again. (i am not regulair user so it’s not mentaly inprinted.)

I am not sure how much work it is to merch the NIK UI and storage places into DxOPL’s appearance and UI, but that would be assome.

You will scare the longtime users a bit when there sanded down inprinted workflow is disrupted but they will adapt quicker then viseversa.