Behaviour to be aware of - when default preset is applied to “new” images

PL has a setting in Preferences that enables one to specify custom Presets to be auto-applied when it discovers a new image;

I have mine set like this: image

When PL encounters a “new” RAW image it reliably applies my custom RAWpreset … :white_check_mark:

Otherwise, tho (for other than RAW files), it does NOT necessarily apply my RGBpreset … Specifically;

  • Provided the JPG or TIF file does NOT contain EXIF data - then PL auto-applies my RGBpreset

  • BUT, if the JPG or TIF file contains EXIF data - then it applies the ‘6 - No Correction’ preset … :thinking:

Why is this so ??

(Edit) Conclusion;

The following statement is NQR …

Instead, it should be (as determined here, by @Platypus)

  • If EXIF data in the JPG/TIFF contains reference to “PhotoLab” - - then it applies the ‘6 - No Correction’ preset …

@John-M , what exactly do you mean by "contains (no) EXIF data? Are you talking about a specific EXIF entry or the presence or total absence of any EXIF data?

Thanks for the follow-up, Mr P

I mean total absence of any EXIF data embedded in the JPG/TIF file … For example; exported from Affinity with the “Embed Metadata” option switched off.

How do you know what preset was used?



You’ve given me a thought there, George …

Perhaps some circumstance (such as no EXIF data to signify otherwise) makes PL assume that it has already processed this image … equivalent to when a JPG is exported from a processed RAW (?)

John – that’s possible.

Personally, I don’t want any JPEGs and TIFFs to be altered,
as for me they are “output files.”



The same for me.


When applying the preset optical correction only to a jpg nothing happens. But when applying B/W it changes to B/W. So it seems some presets don’t work with jpg.


Yeah, apologies - - I confused matters by making reference to a file “exported from a processed RAW”.
Forget that - - - Consider this instead;

1) I export two TIFFs to Affinity and stitch a panorama - and then I export the resulting image (say as a JPG) from Affinity without embedded EXIF data

  • PL auto-applies my RGBpreset to the new panorama image … :white_check_mark:

2) I export exactly the same pano image from Affinity with embedded EXIF data

  • PL auto-applies its ‘6 No Correction’ preset instead … :thinking:

What’s the reason for the different handling ??

Care to post those images or have a look at them with ExifTool?

Sure - Here are 2 JPGs created as outlined in post just above … labelled with/without EXIF data. (7.9 MB)

Is it perhaps the case that PL finds a reference to itself in the “Software” entry in EXIF data - and therefore determines it shouldn’t go another round ? … Whereas, with no EXIF data it behaves differently ?

a side note - with linear DNG for DxO PL it is a matter of some tags ( it was about round trip with linear DNG when DxO PL6 was not applying a preset that was set to be applied by default to its own output )

quoting from my old post from May 15 =

"so just running a script with

exiftool -CreatorTool= -Software= %1 -overwrite_original

before invoking DxO PL executable makes the linear DNG perfectly new ( to PL ) and preset applies as it shall be

PS1: removing either tag works, but I remove both just in case"

may be just gutting some tags in TIFF or JPG will work ?

In thinking thru this for myself (thanks for the prompt, Mr P) - that explains the behaviour, and it makes logical sense … 'cos PL is attempting to avoid the potential for applying corrections twice.

In my case, tho, I DO want my custom RGBpreset to be applied - and NOT the “No Corrections” preset … but I cannot think of a way to force that (without manual intervention).

What does your preset do?


I first emptied the SoftwareVersion tag. No difference. Then I emptied the CreatorTool tag and the image did get the preset from the preferences.


You need empty them both. I don’t know if this is of help.


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Had a go with your files and found that DPL6 on macOS does as you wrote.

I then copied the file that has the extra tags and edited some out with a hex editor.

  1. Replaced “DxO” by " " (three spaces) twice and DPL proposed the module and did not apply the preset
  2. Additionally replaced “PhotoLab” with the 8 blancs twice and DPL did not propose a module but applied the preset.
  3. Opened all files in and saved them as TIFFs…and DPL did as in 2. above

Although I deleted the database between each test, the behavior I found feels very odd.

Yes, it does, and I found that EXIF also says Color Space = “Uncalibrated”.

For the time being, there’s still the possibility to apply presets manually until the puzzle is solved.
This came to mind.

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Thanks for the confirmation … :+1:

I’m guessing that’s PL’s method of dealing with the case where a user exports (from PL) into the same folder as the source-image/RAW file … in order to avoid re-applying corrections.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of any better way for PL to handle this (??)

It simply sets Soft Proofing ON, with ICC Profile = sRGB … Nothing else.

This is necessary (for my personal workflow), because;

  • I export images to Affinity for pano-stitching with ColorSpace = PhotoPro RGB … to give Affinity as much detail as possible to work with … and then export back to PL with same ColorSpace.

  • I then open the panorama image with PL (for minor tidy-ups such as straightening, cropping, etc) - and I expect it to apply my RGB auto-preset … so that Soft Proofing is set ON, with ICC Profile = sRGB

  • When I apply my standard Export to Disk settings, the ICC Profile used will be “Same as Soft Proofing” … which will export with ICC Profile = sRGB … :+1:

  • However, if Soft Proofing is NOT activated then “Same as Soft Proofing” defaults to the ColorSpace of the source-image … which, is PhotoPro RGB !!
    – Which looks rather “flat and lifeless” on a less-than-capable monitor :-1:

:grin: … To which my only response is “On this Churly Morn” … Same bard - same slim volume.

Note: I have updated the heading on this post;

From: A PLv6 bug ? … Applying a default preset to “new” images”

To: Behaviour to be aware of - when default preset is applied to “new” images”

And I’m not holding my breath while waiting for any different behaviour … So, I’ve changed my Export preset from Affinity so that it no longer includes any EXIF data in the file exported back to PL … So, PL now does auto-apply my RGB preset (instead of its “6 - No Corrections” preset).