Behaviour to be aware of - when default preset is applied to “new” images

As far as I can see PL doesn’t apply automatic a preset to a jpg/tif that was created with PL. You’ve to apply it manual.


@John-M thanks,
Note tomyself, check which preset i have for none rawfiles?

I never bothered to look (i think i did once by installation) at this because i assumed that “no correction” would be the case.
1 OOC jpeg are cooked already as a blistermeal from supermarket so dxopl is then my kitchen to get it eatable, some herbs and spices apply some heat done.
2 tiffs are often exported out dxo from a rawfile and stage two editted elsewhere before they return in the filmstrip of dxo for end export to jpeg. So no correction needed.
3 mobilephone photo’s? Well that are often overcooked meals so manual control to avoid more damage is prefferable.
4 scans of photo’s? Same please let me decide.

So a consistence no correction in automated form would be fine.

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By giving the choice to the user. More options in preferences, or either in a request window.

With the result of having no exif in your mage. Isn’t that a bigger problem than adjusting the images in PL manual, either individual or by group?


That doesn’t bother me, George … as I still have the EXIF info in the images used for the panorama.