Apply U Point local adjustements on RAW - What does that mean?


The “What’s new” page for Nik Collection V2 says :

Apply U Point local adjustments on RAW

With Nik Collection 2 you can now make local adjustments directly on high-quality RAW files before converting your images to JPEG.

What does that actually mean ? What’s new in comparison with what can be done in DPL Elite ? Do I have now a direct access to the Nik Collection features from DPL ? Does that mean that I can now use the Nik plugins from Lightroom or Adobe Camera RAW directly without breaking the RAW workflow ? Probably not. So I don’t understand what’s exactly new in this area.

Please explain.

Not really.

As far as I can tell from trying it out last night, it is simply a way of exporting directly to NIK plugins rather than using the “Export to…” function button in the bottom right hand of the workspace.

It still generates the intermediate TIFF and doesn’t write back to the RAW file when you have finished, just the TIFF itself or you export to JPG.

Guys, have a look here:

you can work within DPL on local corrections with U-point technology.
If you then want to work with a specific Nik collection feature like:

  • Viveza
  • color efex pro etc…

you have 2 option:

  • either directly export from within DPL to Nik collection or
  • you export normally from DPL your master file and then open this file in Nik standalone



Actually, I suspected there was nothing new because the Nik plugins are unable to work on RAW files directly. They need a bitmap.

I consider this announcement as misleading, to say the least. It should be removed or edited to reflect the reality.


I agree with you regarding the wording, it is confusing. An existing DPL user would see that the background picture used on the website is showing the local corrections tool within DPL and hence know.

A person new to DPL and Nik collection would not know that and hence get confused.


What is new is a NIK button which allows you to export an image which has been processed in PL with these PL mods to the NIK application. The image is exported as either a JPG or TIFF
You cannot directly edit a RAW image in NIK.
You cannot use the NIK selection tool on a RAW image

That’s correct, Terry … and that’s no more than what the DxO marketing blurb claims;


John M

this is a big big big sad notice that DXO try to use this very stupid tricks to catch user attention.
I love DXO software but with this move they lost a lot of “U” points in my opinion.

First thing to be considered a good company its loyalty.


Also see here … I now agree there are some valid concerns (about DxO’s marketing approach). Tho, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume it was marketing naivity - rather than intention to deceive.


I’m also receiving the announcements from the German subsidiary marketing dpt. and it is as ambiguous (or even more) as the other announcements :

Noch mehr Vielseitigkeit und kreative Möglichkeiten: Sie können U-Point, die exklusive Technologie für lokale Korrekturen, nun auf RAW-Dateien anwenden.

The end of the sentence clearly says : can now be used on RAW files.

Time to fix this, DxO. Otherwise, you’ll get a lot of flack.

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Hello Pat,
but this is correct - isn’t it - in Local Corrections you use U-points on Raw files


You can use U-Point to add PL corrections but you can’t use U-Point to add Nik corrections when in PL
U-Point now appears as a selection mechanism both in PL & Nik to apply their own native corrections

Corrrect - so it does exactly what it says" you can apply u-point exclusive adjustment technology to raw files" and in german they have even added “for local corrections”
So for me it is pretty clear what I can do and what I can not do.

But working in communication I know that this is the hardest thing to do because every person “reads” things differently and from their perspective

DxO cannot write that in a Nik ressource documentation.
It’s voluntarily confusing.

No, it’s not. You cannot use U-Points on RAW files in the Nik plugins since they are unable to load a RAW file.

I am not talking about NIk - I am talking about DPL. The ad clearly says: “with DXO Photo Lab 2.3 …”


Talking about RAW files in a Nik Collection related announcement is just nonsense. Actually, the Nik plugins never ever work on RAW files as I already explained. When used from a host like DPL or Lightroom, they act on a TIFF or a JPEG file created by the host. When used as filters (*.8bf) from Photoshop or Affinity Photo, they act on an in-memory raster image created by PS (Camera RAW) or AP.

So again, this announcement is confusing, to say the least. The word RAW should not appear anywhere in documents and advertisements related to the Nik Collection (or only to mention that they can’t do anything with them). Period.

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I‘ve re-read the announcement mail and checked out the nikcollection website. Both are not as clear as the one statement (see screenshot above) shown a few posts earlier.

While the screenshot statement is clear, the mail I got and the website are misleading and could lead to even legal actions against the labs. In the mail I got, DPL is mentioned only after the price and there is no reference between this mention and the statement that reads „nik can do raw“…

The text also mentions „direct“ processing, which is simply not possible…

I hope that DxO will find a way to communicate more precisely in a very near future.

Agree, however they are now marketing PhotoLab Essential as an integral part of the Nik Collection. Since you can apply U Point to raw files in PhotoLab, the statement that you can apply U point to raw images in the Nik Collection, although very misleading, is technically correct. However, any users familiar with the Nik Collection, and expecting that all the apps will allow edits directly to raw files. will rightly feel deceived. It was a poor marketing approach in my opinion, but perhaps was a desperate measure on their part to market both PhotoLab and the Nik Collection to a wider audience. They are not out of the woods from their bankruptcy experience yet .


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What is confusing and needs understanding is that NIK V2 is a new product with the same name as the old one. Incorporating DPL Essential means that NIK V2 does work with raw files and also now does not need other software, like PS, to work. You now have a very good raw converter, with local U-Point editing and a set of filter based editing plugins.

The value to me is limited as I have DPL Elite but to a new customer it is a respectable deal.This does beg the question as to where the NIK plugins/DPL Essential goes next? NIK V2 provides a nice upgrade path to DPL Elite but what of the future? The plugins still need work but Viveza seems to be redundant as you can do most of its functionality in DPL Essential. Dfine is still useful for RGB image noise reduction but the sharpen plugins need to be consolidated into DPL.

The strategy would appear to be to increase the perceived value of NIK V2 and then encourage upgrade to DPL Elite.

Silver EfexPro would seem to make Film Pack redundant and that should be folded into DPL Elite, improving its value, and Film Pack retired as a separate product.

Interesting times :slight_smile:


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