Allow user to suppress color correction

I take underwater pictures under natural (blue-green) light with a Sony A7 IV using manual white balance. The results look “as shot” in Sony’s EDIT Raw editor. Same is true when I import the raws (ARW) directly into Lightroom with Develop Stettings = “None” in the import interface.

PureRaw displays the thumbnail of deep water pictures with manual white balance “as shot”, but only for a fraction of a second, before they turn purplish. This unnatural-looking color profile is subsequently transferred to the exported DNG. In Lightroom, the same purplish appearance arises when I explicitly set Develop Settings to “Camera Settings” during RAW import. At least it gives me a choice, so I select “None”.

My request: Please add a switch to the PureRaw preferences that allows users to select between “none” or “camera” for color correction (or a list). For now, I have no other choice than to use LightRoom for processing and denoising my deep water pictures.

The screenshot shows a picture taken at 20 m depth with manual white balance. Top: original RAW as shown by in Sony’s EDIT. Bottom left: direct-import as RAW in Lightroom with Develop Settings “None”. Bottom right: DNG denoised by PureRaw and imported in LightRoom.

Link to copy of raw (ARW) file: HiDrive

here is ARW denoised by DxO PL ( sorry, but pOOrRaW is obviously too limited for a discerning connoisseur ) into DNG and ( that DNG ) opened in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) - not sure what is the matter in your use case - it all looks OK to me ? I hope you are feeding Adobe with linear DNGs ( NR+optics corrections only ) ?

Well, not having PureRAW, I used PL7 and got this just by looking at a couple of reference sites, which said the lips are a sort of blue…

No way to make it perfect, so I had some fun.
This is not PureRAW but Pure PL7 (+FP7) random try.
Looks a bit artificial but that was intentional.

I think OP does not need “us” to make it perfect for him just to have an expected WB on input to LR from what DxO spits out … $0.02

I opened it in FastRawViewer and its a bit purple there. Think it looks right at first from the embedded jpeg. Exifreader didn’t like the exif data so may be a problem there. Open in Capture One and it seems to be a white balance problem. Its “Underwater” white balance makes it blue. Even “Daylight” white balance looks blue. Same in PhotoLab. Is there an underwater color checker?

Checked the file and found that PureRAW exports come up with mixed results as seen im Lightroom 12 on macOS Monterey

  • Export to JPEG and TIFF present themselves with the magenta haze we see above
  • Export to DNG looks like the original file

Adjusting the magenta image to make it resemble the ARW and DNG images takes more effort than what I’d be ready to invest, specially in view of the fact that the DNG export looks fine and provides all the possibilities for edits that the ARW does.

PhotoLab shows the ARW, DNG and TIFF images with the magenta haze, it looks like DxO’s standard rendering has difficulties with your underwater photo, @NKMichiels. This is not up to the quality level I expect from DxO and therefore propose you get in touch witch

ARW (red dot) with slight edits
DNG (yellow dot) with same edits as for the ARW
TIFF (green dot) made over to resemble OOC jpeg

what happens in FRV depends on what WB you will tell FRV to use …

somebody still expects that from DxO recently :eyes: ?

Adobe uses CM tags in DCP camera profile to control how WB sliders in UI (K/tint) work and if specific illumination poses an issue for sliders range then adjusting CM tags can fix the matter ( Adobe PE is a GUI tool to do = )

if DxO bothers to follow DNG standard then using custom DCP profile with modified CM matrices to bring WB sliders in range shall work - but then of course it is only if DxO bothers … one might experiment.