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Can you please update DxO Nic Collection to work properly with Affinity Photo. The current version kind of works but also locks up Affinity completely and keeps giving the message “Fonts updating” I’m told from Affinity that they are trying to get this resolved with you. I am lead to believe it has something to do with Apples Build Tools (Xcode). Affinty says that the affinity range is now built on Apples Xcode 10. I would, having paid for this software product, appreciate your comments on this issue.

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Good point Raymondo.

Affinity and DxO PhotoLab should build some kind of at least informal friendly partnership to mutually co-exist. So many PhotoLab users also use Affinity Photo (to escape the clutches of Adobe’s spyware and ransomware). Somebody at PhotoLab should be reaching out to Affinity and to FastRawViewer and to PhotoMechanic and not trying to reinvent the wheel with an advanced layered pixel editor and/or a comprehensive DAM solution.

The Nik tools lie neglected on my hard drive as they don’t play well enough with either PhotoLab or Affinity Photo. When a field report comes in about how well they do work together without elaborate workarounds or being careful about the last layer one works on to avoid losing one’s work, I’ll give them another try.

Due to this neglect to insure proper integration with other software, these tools which I paid for (twice now actually) lie unused.

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We have been able to get NIK to work with Affinity but it wasn’t easy…

That updating fonts is not AP fault but yours, reinstall Nik by DxO and in the installation process make sure you get the plugins install where you had them (folder link with AP plugin).

Good news! But this is probably a future update.
I tried today with Affinity Photo v. 1.7 and Dxo Nik Collection v. 2: there are still distorted colors when you launch Viveza 2 from Affinity Photo.
Thank you for giving more details on what you are announcing.

Hello Rvm,
I am also on the Affinity Forum. AP has issues with several plugins Nik Collection v2 and CS5

They - Affinity - are also working on the color issue with Viveza.

If you use the free Google Nik collection: only Dfine 2, Sharpener and Viveza 2 run in Affinity Photo 1.7.


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