Nik Collection v2 and CS5

I’m using the Nik Collection v1 from DxO with Photoshop CS5 and would like to know if the new Nik Collection v2 realesed today also works with CS5 or if it only works with Photoshop CC.
I need this information before deciding if I am updating.
Thanks to the DxO team or users for helping me clarify this issue.

NIK V2 is 64 bit. It is my understanding it will run with the 64 bit version of Photoshop only.

If you have the Google version of NIK installed (32 bit), the DxO version will overwrite it.

Thanks Jamhen2! I am currently using CS5 x64 with DxO Nik Collection v1.2.18 x64. I hope I can use version 2 of the Nik Collection.

By the way, it’s a real shame that it does not work with Affinity Photo 1.7, which I also use.

I found the answer on this page:
It states that the new Nik Collection is compatible with “Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64 bit) to CC 2019”.

It works with Affinity, no problem

Yes, its works … but partially for me and there is an annoying problem.
I tried again today with Affinity Photo 1.7 and DxO Nik Collection 1.2.18 (image = 16bit TIF, AdobeRGB profile / screen Eizo 2370 calibrated with i1Profiler / Windows 10 with all updates and Nvidia card GeForce GTX1050 Ti with the latest driver ).
VIVEZA 2 does not work properly because colors are deformed at all zoom levels except at 100%.
But the other plug-ins of the Nik collection work.

Mark Ingram, one of the developers of Affinity Photo recently wrote on the Affinity forum: “I’ve contacted DxO via their support channels.I will update the thread when I know more.” ("

I hope DxO and Affinity can collaborate effectively to remove this annoying bug with Viveza 2.

On a Mac the colors in Viveza got MUCH better. They are not perfect yet but very close.
I still have to test on skin colors though.

HDR Efex as a plugin in Affinity does not load pictures.

I bought the Nik v2 collection and did a try: there is always the same color problem with Affinity Photo (v1.7).

I just checked on the Affinity Forum - they have quite a lot of issues with plugins. A developer confirmed that there are issues with, Skylum, Topaz, Smart Photo Editor, Portrait Pro, Landscape Pro and maybe others.