Add a smart crop option that applies rule-of-thirds and other rules for you

Cropping is a frequent task when developing or editing photos. Perhaps a smart crop function can be added which analyzes the image and tries to correctly position the chosen crop rectangle using a rule, such as rule of thirds or centering the main subject? It can be automatically sized to fit within the image borders, too. Please vote if you like the idea.

I’m no fan of automatic cropping…but it would be quite useful to be able to cycle through different grids. That has been requested already, I can’t find the request at he moment though.


This one: Crop overlays

Yes, that is #1 on my what-would-make-cropping-better list. I’d want that implemented first.

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I’d add my vote to a wider range of Crop Overlay, but personally am not that bothered by smart crop.

upon reading this I have a question - do we have a DOWN vote option ?

You have two such options: (a) don’t vote; (b) contribute to the conversation by explaining thoughtfully why you think the idea should not be implemented (or why an alternative would be better).

Comments are welcome. I created this topic for discourse about the idea, not to push it as a way forward.

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one can wish for an option to DOWN vote to express the need NOT to have this contraption in the same manner as somebody can up vote to express the wish to have it… this is not youtube which hides down votes :smile:

Of course. Please start a new topic for your forum feature request. The present topic isn’t the place for that. Thank you.

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