Active corrections comment

I’m using active corrections to determine exactly which parameters I have changed.

Again, it is always nice to switch on and off a parameter change to see the effect. When one switches off a correction in active correction the correction disappears (makes logical sense as this is not an active correction anymore).

It would be nice if the correction did not immediately disappear. Perhaps be able to switch on and off, and have an extra update button to reset…

Thoughts from other users?


I agree with the sentiment behind what you are saying but it is just not logical to have corrections in both states at the same time. It sounds like you want to have another state of inactively active or actively inactive :crazy_face:

I’m wondering about while one is in active correction that options stay on. One can still change parameters, this will affect image. Then when leaving active corrections be prompted for a confirmation to lock in changes… perhaps too unwieldy?


If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to switch a correction on and off (available through the switch that is located in the upper lefthand corner of the tool/correction) and an additional button that resets all sliders of the tool/correction to their respective defaults.

Is it this what you want?

Changes are made visible while you drag sliders etc. No need to press “apply” because the changes are already done, except for a few tools that come with an “apply” button.

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Yes, so that one can compare results

No, not to reset!

On thinking this through more:
Simply while in a particular “active correction”, no parameter disappears even if a correction is switched off.
If one leaves and renters active correction, then a new “active correction session” starts.
i.e., if a parameter was switched off on previous session, it will of course not appear on next session.


This would become unwieldy if one wants to test disabling a parameter correction and change another.

Simply not removing a “switched off” parameter in an “active correction” session would be better.

Good morning @Aubrey,

But this is already the case if I understood you correctly:

You can switch on/off the sub-palette and as you can see the slider values are kept when you switch on/off.

Svetlana G.

From what I understand, @Aubrey wants to be able to use the “active corrections” button to filter only those sub-palettes that are active but then, somehow, to be able to temporarily deactivate a sub-palette without it disappearing from the list of active sub-palettes.

I believe he wants that the sub-palettes that were active when he presses the active palettes button remain visible until he presses the active palettes button again to show all sub-palettes.

The only way I can see that being possible is to add another button to all sub-palettes that “disables” the adjustment rather than deactivating it.

Hmmm, this sounds like it could get confusing with the limited space available :wink:

Thank you @Joanna,

But it’s out of the logic of this filter. As soon as the correction is disabled it’s filtered out and this is how it should work. I have great doubts we will change the behavior like this :slight_smile:

Svetlana G.

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Hi there,

I perfectly understand what @Aubrey is saying! (thanks for your feedback BTW!)
We have a button that quickly shows you all the corrections applied to an image in one place.

As a user, you could use this filter to recall them and then disable/enable one active correction to see the result…this is perfectly logic to me…but, due to the nature of this filter in the first place, as soon as a correction is disabled, it disappears from the list.

I think that solving this issue (allowing the user to disable a correction “without losing it” from the list) could add some extra value to this feature…



Hello @Aubrey,

I think that it’s a wrong tool for your need: active\inactive and default\customized corrections are different things. A correction can be active but have a default value or it can be customized but inactive.

That’s completely logical because the goal of this filter is to display only those corrections which are active at the moment. There is no any state like a “temporary disabled correction”. It simply doesn’t exist in the application.

We should find a better solution for this scenario because there is nothing to do with the active-only filter that is already complete for what it should do. Instead we can consider adding a new filter for customized corrections that won’t consider active\inactive state and thus its result list won’t change (until some correction from this list gets back default values for all of its parameters).



We have to ask why does a user click on active corrections?
The answer has to be, to review parameter changes made to the image.
If this is the case, then isn’t it likely that a user would like to experiment with changes, he can do this… he could even set a parameter value to zero but he can’t switch a filter off!

While one has active corrections checked one should be able to make any change without the parameter disappearing.

I fully agree!

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Perhaps an option in Setting to define the user chosen functionality of “Active corrections”?

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Hello @Aubrey,

Please, read my post above where I clearly explained what the “Active corrections” filter is and why we are not going to change it with tricky behavior you are asking for. I also pointed to a correct way to implement a feature for your use case.


Thank you. I had read your response. As it stands the active correction option has little use for me (and apparently for some others). As you said in your final para. “We should find a better solution for this scenario”

I consider the matter closed.