Compare pushbutton: temporarily disable or enable effect of an individual global setting

In addition to the off-on slider, it should be possible to temporarily toggle a setting as long as a control is pressed.

This has two benefits:

  • quick compare of the before-after images
  • avoids removal of the tool from the palette of “active tools”

Refer to:

This is exactly how PL already works, Pierre.

If you toggle the activation switch to the left of any correction tool then you will have immediate comparison of the before/after state. For example:
… ClearView active: image
… ClearView inactive: image

Regards, John M

Edit: I think(?) I misunderstood your post, Pierre - - I saw, belatedly, that you were referring to the Active Corrections filter - as per the link you provided.

I don’t use that filter at all - for precisely the reason @Aubrey states: “When one switches off a correction in active correction the correction disappears” … I find it easier/simpler to toggle activation status with Workspace = DxO Standard or Advanced.

Your edit is what I meant. A single-tool “compare” would operate very much like the existing compare button located in the command bar above the image.
Pressing a single tool’s compare button, or other control, would have no effect on the selection and display of active tools (the top right switch in “Filtering and searching corrections”).

A pushbutton would only activate the compare while the button is pressed. Like a physical pushbutton with a spring.

Hello Pierre,

It seems that the behavior you’d like to have is something shared by other users.
It is true that when using the new “Active only” filter available in PL, a user is tempted to compare the ‘with and without’ a correction right there, but without “losing” the temporarily deactivated correction from the list.

This could be a useful improvement to add!


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