About Updates\Upgrades, Pricing and the Development Roadmap


I’m at the point of purchasing a license (even though the old Google version worked pretty well for me), as I use these plugins a lot, but I’m uncertain about when to do so as it’s not clear what your development roadmap is, and I can’t find any information on the side which gives any hint of this.

Let’s say the new Dxo version is v1.0. Will there be point releases before v2 (the next paid version)?

What I want to avoid is purchasing the plugin today, only to find that a new version is released next week, meaning that to enjoy the new features I will be paying twice.

If I purchase today, will there be upgrade pricing for v2?

Are there more updates and\or minor feature improvements planned for version 1 which will be a free upgrade, or is the next release going to be a paid version?

I appreciate that development costs money, but it has to work for customers too financially as I’m sure you can appreciate!


It is not an official answer, but in the past DxO released new major versions in cycles of 1 - 1.5 years. There was once a shorter period of 9 months.

Between the major releases there were always dot versions with improvements for free. For PhotoLab it was now 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 since october.

There were always special update prices for existing customers through the customer portal.

So it looks like you can:

a) Wait for V2 for around 9-12 months. Then you will get, what you see at that time.
b) Buy V1 and hope for dot releases. I think there will be some, because more users asked for new features.

I think, there will not be an official answer on when V2 is to be expected, which is much more precise than the one above. The V1 was released just two weeks ago.

Let’s see, if an official response has something to add.


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Why buy new while you are happy with what you‘ve got?

  1. Because it’s on offer right now.
  2. Because supporting development of a product I’m likely to use for a long time to come makes economic sense, esp in light of 1) and encourages further development and improvement of the product.
  3. The new versions seems faster and a bit less crash-prone than the existing version, although I did have my first Photoshop crash with DXO Nik yesterday…

But beyond that I do have to weigh it up.


If I were you, I would wait to buy a license for Nik Collection of DXO until DXO comes with a version of this product that works properly, right now, Photochop CC 2018 breaks down every time you say ok to make it into a new layer, I have heard that it does not work in windows and on screens with 4K so wait and use what you have today is probably much better. DXO should stop sending mails with advertisements that they have a super product that just does not work

Hello @Kim

I have to disagree with you DxO NIK2018 is very stable on Windows and it works with Photoshop CC 2018 with no problem - at least we don’t get any complaint from the users who really use the product.

Svetlana G.


What you’ve heard is not correct. It works very well on Windows and I’ve used the Dxo version many times. I haven’t used all the plugins - mostly Analog Efex, Silver Efex, Color Efex and I’m using both on normal layers and also on Smart Objects, on small and large images without any problem.

I’ve only had one crash in Photoshop CC 2018, so will keep an eye on that, but I haven’t had any reoccurrence of an old bug I used to encounter in the Google version when it used to freeze sometimes during the Pre-Processing image stage.

If anything the new version seems a bit snappier than the Google version, so maybe there’s been some code optimisation.

Photoshop CC 2018 has just had a maintenance update yesterday but no crashes with that so far either.

Anyway, returning to my OP, would someone from DxO be able to comment on my question about pricing\product roadmap for Nik Collection please?

Is the plan to release point releases between now and the next major release etc?


Hello @craftycurate,

Richard, the Top management is preparing a global message about it and it will soon be released.

Thank you

Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana

Thanks … do you know if this will this be released before 1st July, to help me make a purchasing decision during the special offer period?


Should be, Richard.

Great thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks - that’s the information I was after. Have just bought a license. Experience so far suggests that DxO is good at interacting with customers and cares about the product, so I’m happy to support this as it’s become a key product in my workflow.


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Will any special pricing be made available for users who paid for the Nik Collection before being sold to Google and distributed for free? For those of us who spent hundreds of dollars for a product to be told, that means nothing, leaves a feeling of customers being disposable, not only by Nik but now by you… If we start the process all over again as “new customers”, how long until we are disposed of again?

If DxO decides to offer any kind of deal it is out of the goodness of their hearts and not out of any kind of moral or legal obligation, since Google “abandoning” the product and customers is solely their decision and responsibility and not Dxo’s.

Yes it’s gutting, and I’ve also been stung by this kind of thing, but demanding a deal from the new owner is a bit like asking the new householder to pay the outstanding utilities bill run up by the previous tenant. If you feel you are owed anything you need to pursue Google for it.


First, no one is “demanding” a deal, I was simply asking if the new company would recognize loyal paying customers from the past or if they even give a damn… it goes along way to understand if they are going to be around next year when they are promising updates.

Second, do you officially represent DxO? because if you do, I hope it is in finance or shipping, your customer service skills are lacking.

And finally my frustration is with Nik, as they abandoned this suite when they sold out to Google who wasn’t the least bit interested in owning this, they wanted something else that was bundled with this in the sale. Yes Google promised to take care of Nik’s customers and lied, but that’s another story altogether.

I was asking a question to gain more information, but thanks for the attitude, bless your heart.

Really meant no offence, you just caught me in a straight talkin’ kind of mood :slight_smile:

  1. Saying things like “how long until we are disposed of again” is not “simply asking” - I get that you’re p***ed off with a previous company but lashing out doesn’t help.

The subtle point also was that if there was any possibility that DxO could ever be convinced to offer a sweetener to Nik customers then a bit of diplomacy would be the way to go.

  1. I don’t represent DxO in any way.I have to pay my way like you. Sometimes I don’t like how companies treat their paying customers, just like you. I decided to pay for a Nik license to support future development, and I paid the asking price so there’s no hidden agenda here. All I can say is that DxO have seemed pretty good so far so I’m hopeful this product will be developed and maintained well for some time to come, as it’s one I use often.

  2. OK fair play, for “Google” read “Nik” in that case.

There are some earlier posts on this thread by DxO Staf, where I asked something similar about the product and pricing - that might go some way to answering your questions.

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Hello @dan329

It’s a pity you (first Nik Collection users) were treated like that but unfortunately we can’t do anything with it except for the free version which you can find on the following webpage: https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001439187-Is-it-still-possible-to-get-the-free-download-version-of-the-Nik-Collection-1

We also suggested Nik 2018 with a special price from the very beginning which is rather low.
+According to our licenses policy if you buy a version, you do not need to pay extra money for the intermediate updates. And when you upgrade from one major version to another (2018 to 2019 for example) you will pay only the upgrade price which is usually half price.

And as it has already been said:

I hope to see you among our customers and we’ll try not to disappoint you anymore.

Svetlana G.

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thanks for the reply…

While I do understand your thought processes, I do consider this a wasted opportunity for you to create a new loyal base. If what you say is true and you do plan on continuing to improve this app, paid updates would seem to require people who have already shown enough interest to pay for it’s true worth. So many have found it and used it for free, but that’s not the same thing.

Forgive me for being cautious, but with the bankruptcy and all, it’s easy to see where I might be overly cautious about throwing money at something with an uncertain future. After investing over $500.00 in this software, and then watching someone taking my money and running away, my concern is easily justified…

Has pricing been set for this “half price upgrade” if I make the $50 investment now?