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I know that there is supposedly a new release being prepared but does anyone have any idea what will be included. I am not asking for specific details but general extras that would help me justify a purchase.

I contacted support and asked what benefits there are to the current release. The response was that it is discounted and some bug fixes. Granted that is nice but only if the new expected released has some nice extras.


Probably, this one could help - About Updates\Upgrades, Pricing and the Development Roadmap

Svetlana G.

I’ve been using PL Elite a little over a month. I have a canon body with a mix of canon and sigma lenses. I started using DPP a few years back, but was disappointed that canon didn’t offer 3rd party lens correction support. I am more of a enthusiast and while I have used PS and LR previously, I wasn’t interested in going down that road, nor am I ok with renting software to get support for my hardware. This is essentially where I would be at if I purchased LR perpetual license. Then I grab the RAW import utility and jump through hoops. While its not overly difficult for someone with my technical ability, I decided not to support that business model.

Enter DxO PL. My body and all but one of my 3rd party lenses was fully supported. I submitted a photo shot with the lens to the DxO development team and less that a month later a module for my lens was released. Made me very happy. I’ve worked in software development as well. You don’t always get bug fixes or feature requests this quickly, but again, I was pleasantly surprised. The software as it is now, is already great. Easy to use, and very intuitive. You are a few clicks away from making good photos better and can also make not so good shots (we’ve all got them) a little nicer too. I’m pleased with the level of performance and the value I received for my purchase. If you are undecided, try the software for yourself. Same goes for the NIK collection,.


Bay Area - CA
~6D2 (f/w 1.0.3) ~16-35mm f2.8L II, 50 f1.8 STM, 85 prime, 70-200 f2.8L IS II ~Sigma 24-70 f2.8 Art (f/w 2.0) ~Sigma 150-600 C + TC1401 1.4x (f/w 1.03) ~Speedlite 430 EX II ~DxO PhotoLab Elite ~DPP 4.8.20 ~Windows10 Pro nVidia GPU 1803 ~Android 8.1 .

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