A thread for us to share presets!

Here you go. I edited the text directly with NotePad++ ; Not sure if there are other preferred editors.

4 - Engraved Color fullpreset.preset (8.1 KB)

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Just as an aside, you can also ‘Export to Application’ and choose Film Pack 5 if you want all the bells and whistles of the full version. I shall now spend some time digesting this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that there is nothing in the standalone version of FP that’s not available within PL. So why would you do this?

I’m guessing that some people prefer using the FP interface. I very quickly uninstalled the FilmPack 5 Elite standalone version in 2017 and do not have the FilmPack 6 standalone version installed either.


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I’ve just had a little look and I believe you are correct, but things like hue, saturation and colour are separate (understandably) so perhaps it is more that I prefer the workflow in Film Pack 6 - once I am in there, everything seems easier to tweak. When I apply a film preset, I usually adjust quite a few sliders.

While I never saw any advantage to using the standalone version, you should continue to use whatever works best for you.


I know this thread is two years old, but can someone here point me to an “engraved” pre-set that will work in PhotoLab 6, on a Mac? Maybe there is a newer thread that I missed?

I’d like to try this preset, but don’t know where to find one for newer versions of PhotoLab.

Just download and install from one of the links in this thread and follow the installation instructions…


Here is my post with a couple of my images…

Do as @Joanna has told you. The preset works with PL7.

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I will go through the thread again - yesterday the ones I found were for Windows.

Are presets Win / Mac specific? @Joanna do you know?

Well, I downloaded @RexBlock’s and it worked on my Mac

I know the preset is there - worked for you, so it should work for me. There were responses regarding how to install the preset, but I don’t remember finding one for Mac, only Windows.

That sure is an awesome preset!!! Thanks to @RexBlock

I’ve now got my preset working, and love it. Today, everything sounds so logical. A few weeks ago, I was totally lost.

I think the quality of the “answers” depends on the quality of the “questions”. Sometimes I need to clarify, so it’s clear to others what I am trying to find out. I have only downloaded that one preset. Maybe I’ll add another one, and continue trying/testing.

Oh, and I also learn a LOT from answers to other people!

Post deleted.

Mike, you are replying to a post that is about two years old. Please don’t confuse the thread like this

Agreed, I will star a new thread asking how one can develop/create a “preset”.