A thread for us to share presets!

Starting a new thread for us to share presets amongst ourselves. I don’t have any new ones to kick us off, but I bet you do!!!

Please share away!!!

  • Thanx
  • Jon

Pinned as promised :wink:


Here is one that I call “Engraved.” I was working on a look that would suggest a print of a woodblock engraving, so that means black and white, heavy vignetting, strong lines, and highlights blown out to the max. The results can be seen here –

What I really want is a way to replicate the portrait line drawings such as those seen in the Wall Street Journal. This preset kind of popped out, evolved, and I’ve been playing with it for awhile. Enjoy at your will; if you have suggestions for improvement, feel free to pass them along.

Engraved.preset (7.5 KB)


Oh my god! What an awesome contribution! So cool! Thanks, RexBlock!!!

Definitely going to use this one!

  • Jon

would you be so kind to contribute the (official) way to safe those provided presets in PL?
(i found folder “presets” but those are only the official one’s provided in instal moment. i made a new folder called “0-my presets” )
In the user AppData\local\dxo\dxo photolab 1\presets i found my own presets.
I can just copy past it in there: in the appdata user section of DXO application (need to use view hidden folders active) which works if you restart DxO. (tested it :wink: )
Or use import button: it points to that same hidden AppData folder in default. and select the downloaded filename.preset. (is it placed then also in that same AppDatafolder of DxO Presets? so you can organise all presets neatly?)

I just copied it into my ~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v1/Presets folder and it worked like a charm. (I’m on a Mac)

  • Jon

im on win10, and i have two “preset folder” s.
the one you find in " program files\ dxo\dxo photolab 1\presets" (primairy ones provided by dxo.)
and in users\ user \ appdata\ local\dxo\dxo photolabs 1\presets. (which also contains my own made presets.) So this would be my place to copy it. don this and worked. But you need to go in “show hidden files and folder mode” before you can access this folder. Not for every one to do. i think.

second that! great preset! i have to use this on some images.
just default preset of your engraved.preset:



ooooh that’s nice … exactly the type of image I had in mind and a perfect application of it.

RexBlock, what else have you cooked up in your bag of tricks?! Come on, share more! :slight_smile:

  • Jon

ok this one is free of charge a gift to you for your awsome preset! :slight_smile: Even more “reall old” because of no 2000 stuff visible…:

Its is renovated in after it is replaced in 1968 and still making oil when there is enough wind.

Excellent contribution from @RexBlock … Thank you !

FWIW: Here are a few that I downloaded a while ago from the DxO product support site;
B&W Bright City.preset (4.1 KB)
B&W Dark City Blue.preset (3.6 KB)
B&W Dark City Color.preset (4.2 KB)
B&W Dark City Soft.preset (4.0 KB)
B&W Kodak Tri-X400(FilmGrain).preset (2.7 KB)

Regards, John M


Hello @OXiDant,

Here is the official way to deal with custom presets:

And if you install a newer version later you will have them there (unless you remove AppData\local\dxo\dxo photolab 1 manually).

Svetlana G.


Thanks for sharing those, John-M! My preset collection is coming together!

  • Jon

Really cool idea and the Engraved preset is actually awesome!

One suggestion for the provided presets: Please add if the preset is a partial one and which additional modules it requires (e. g. FilmPack Essential or Elite).

Heh sorry for the late reply. Here is another one I call “Sharpsburg” that bumps up the color and vibrancy a bit, and seems to sharpen things up too, hence the name.

Sharpsburg.preset (3.4 KB)

Pre below:

And Post -


Thanks for these presets!

On the preset I contributed several weeks back, I noticed some issues.

Specifically, when you apply it, it also resets a few unrelated items, such as horizon, perspective, and some other ones that I didn’t notice before.

I have edited it and attached an updated version. If you are using “Engraved” please try this one instead.

Engraved.preset (6.1 KB)

MacOS: Install to ~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v1/Presets/0 - jwc/Engraved.preset

Note this might change w/ PL2 which I do not have yet.


Very usefull ! Thank you :wink: