A thread for us to share presets!

RexBlock, thank you for the preset. This is a castle in Laag-Keppel (NL)



Yes, a very nice preset. River Rhine, Emmerich am Rhein (D). A Rheinkadett


And, they’re both excellent choices of subject for this preset, Willy.


Thank you @RexBlock and @John-M

Coimbra, Portugal.


Hey that’s nice! Now play around with the color filters and the color sliders to alter the details. Especially blue and orange.

Oh I will.
Is it the channel mixer I should use ? (Filmpack)
What will it do to the details ?

Thank you! This preset is really nice. It’s obvious that you took great care and know what you are doing

These are lovely & I’m absolutely sure they will be useful. Much appreciated!

I still love the preset. Castle Bergh in 's Heerenberg (NL)

is the turtle stil there?


Hello Peter,
The turtles are stil there. You see them at the left corner.



my wife “van den Bergh”…claims it’s her family’s castle before it’s bought by the last owner… ( keep it quit, before goverment hit’s us with WOZ… :yum:)
bin there i think 2017
nice place to be , fun when driving to the town looking " ausfart" in stead of “afrit.”
almost Germany. As i recal half of Heerensberg lies in nl other in Germanay.

Thanks for the Engraved preset. Applying it to many of my coconut tree photos and it makes them look stunning.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Hint to all: once you apply it you can’t reverse it anymore (Ctrl+Z) whyever this is, maybe a bug? (ref. PL2.2.0)

Perhaps because the preset affects a number of settings and Crtl+Z is usually undo a single step?

the ‘Reset’ button should do the trick however.

Thanks but no, it sadly does not :frowning:

How strange. I just applied the engraved preset to one of my CR2 images and both Ctrl+Z (wasn’t expecting that tbh) AND Reset work.

I confirm this.

Played around a while, closed and re-opend PL and now it works. Strange


Mechteld, witch from Bergh (NL). Engraved.