A thread for us to share presets!


RexBlock, thank you for the preset. This is a castle in Laag-Keppel (NL)



Yes, a very nice preset. River Rhine, Emmerich am Rhein (D). A Rheinkadett

(Melbourne, Australia) #23

And, they’re both excellent choices of subject for this preset, Willy.


(Marc) #24

Thank you @RexBlock and @John-M

Coimbra, Portugal.

(jwc) #25

Hey that’s nice! Now play around with the color filters and the color sliders to alter the details. Especially blue and orange.

(Marc) #26

Oh I will.
Is it the channel mixer I should use ? (Filmpack)
What will it do to the details ?

(Elaine) #27

Thank you! This preset is really nice. It’s obvious that you took great care and know what you are doing

(Elaine) #28

These are lovely & I’m absolutely sure they will be useful. Much appreciated!


I still love the preset. Castle Bergh in 's Heerenberg (NL)

(Peter) #30

is the turtle stil there?

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Hello Peter,
The turtles are stil there. You see them at the left corner.


(Peter) #32

my wife “van den Bergh”…claims it’s her family’s castle before it’s bought by the last owner… ( keep it quit, before goverment hit’s us with WOZ… :yum:)
bin there i think 2017
nice place to be , fun when driving to the town looking " ausfart" in stead of “afrit.”
almost Germany. As i recal half of Heerensberg lies in nl other in Germanay.

(Stuart B) #33

Thanks for the Engraved preset. Applying it to many of my coconut tree photos and it makes them look stunning.


Thanks a lot for sharing.

Hint to all: once you apply it you can’t reverse it anymore (Ctrl+Z) whyever this is, maybe a bug? (ref. PL2.2.0)


Perhaps because the preset affects a number of settings and Crtl+Z is usually undo a single step?

the ‘Reset’ button should do the trick however.


Thanks but no, it sadly does not :frowning:


How strange. I just applied the engraved preset to one of my CR2 images and both Ctrl+Z (wasn’t expecting that tbh) AND Reset work.


I confirm this.


Played around a while, closed and re-opend PL and now it works. Strange

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Mechteld, witch from Bergh (NL). Engraved.

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