A thread for us to share presets!

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Moskow by Night engraved.



Hy, i needed a quick skin/portret filter to smoothen the skin features, so i took the dxo default portret preset and made it a partial version, so it doesn’t interfere with your own personal preset and create only a smoother skin look on the face. Took all tools out except contrast and color accentuation.

Partial portret preset.preset (1,1 KB)
I find it rather easy to use at any state of your editing because it doesn’t ruïn your adjusting work only applies a softer look.


in order to optimize the workflow to create a series of presets, I’ve come up with a procedure that helps progress easily and transparently. Initial effort is a bit higher but factoring new (similar) presets is very much streamlined. Here’s how everything works:


  1. Create a new workspace that includes all tools
    All in.dopworkspace.zip (1.5 KB)
  2. Create a new partial preset that defines exactly the thing that you’ll need in variants
    DCP - EOS 5D Mk1.preset.zip (511 Bytes)


  1. Duplicate the preset
  2. Change the preset as needed
  3. Apply the preset - DPL will then ask to save the preset
  4. Save the preset


  1. The attached preset is not the one applied in the screenshot
  2. Factoring presets as described above saves you a few clicks, specially when you don’t change the image between each round. Using the abovementioned steps, I made a bunch of presets that use DCP profiles created by myself as well as profiles I found in other photo software.

Feel free to use and modify my workspace and preset at your own discretion.

One last word: The presets palette should be modified to be variable in hight so that it can display more presets - requests asking for this have been around for a while. Creating subfolders can help work around the issue until DxO solves it for good.


I downloaded Partial portret preset to AppData/local/Dxo/Dxo Photolab 2/Presets but it is not indicated in Photolab Preseteditor, even Import does not work. What’s wrong? And yes, Access rights are checked and Folder is set to “Show all…” And yes, Photolab Shows presets in this Folder, I know because I deleted one preset succesfully.

Hmm. Odd.
I wil startup v1.2 and v2 and look if it’s not showing.
Could be a hik up
If so i create a new one for you.
I wil come back to this to you.

Regards Peter

Thats very nice, thank you Peter. I played around a bit (am on Windows7), copy/pasted another preset in Windows Explorer which I created myself in PL2 and this was then indicated in Preseteditor. So strange.

Ok, the hicup was my fault.
(i created it in my test environment, not back wards compatible im afraid.)
So two new one’s. i created it by using the DxO portrait standard preset and cut out all not specific skin settings in edit mode so it doesn’t effect earlier corrections in those tools, let “red eye” active i case you don’t have this default active.
i have made a Partial Portret skin preset v1.2.preset (2,1 KB)
and a Partial portrait skin preset generic v2.preset (881 Bytes)

Did a thorough check and i made one with dcp profile portrait (camera specific) huelight v172 as wel (not uploaded btw)
(this one is portrait color profile made by Huelight so you need to have this DCP profile to use it.)

i use the suite elite version so including VP and FP. i think it will be fine if you don’t have the advanced contrast sliders as Fine contrast. (in negative mode you can smoothing the skin even further with this slider.)

hope i helped :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Peter, this one works now. This "partial preset thing is really cool. Have a nice sunday evening and thanks again. Guido