Off-Topic - advice, experiences and examples, for images that will be processed in PhotoLab

In the original you’ve converting lines. A few steps backwards and you could have leveled the camera and include the pigeon on the lamp.


There’re also a lot of Dutch words that are part of the naval terminology. Also in the Russian.


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I briefly thought about B&W, but I liked the colors a lot. I can see now that B&W (as you’ve done it) is more effective.

I didn’t want the line at the right edge, as it looked distracting to me. I’m not sure what I think about the people in the background - I cropped out all but one of them. In a small size, it’s fine, but when it’s larger, the people are, well, to me, distracting, not needed.

Good riddance to the pigeon. You did good!!!

With the 20mm lens, I’d have to step a lot further back. I wanted to fill my screen with the image, minimal cropping.

As it was, I moved forwards, backwards, right and left, and found the single spot that I liked. The lamp post is right up against one of the pillars. Then I waited to see if I could get someone into the photo, which I did. I wanted the trees in a good spot too.

Maybe I should return with a longer lens, and “compress” the structure, rather than expand it as I did. Not sure.

So, what do you guys think works better - B&W, or Color ?

It might be fun in infrared, so the sky goes black, and the trees go white or purple…??

On he contrary, how shorter the lens the more impact a small movement has.
As you can see the camera is aimed upwards. Just one step would be enough to have the complete lamppost in the image, including the pigeon or whatever bird it could be and your trees. And one step more you would get the space to correct the camera position.


You don’t need infrared for dark skies, just orange or red filtering

But why?

I never delete anything, storage is cheap and I have lots (my main data drive is 10 TB) and you just never know what you my be able to salvage…

For example, I screwed up the exposure on this shot so this is how it came SOOC:

I took it way back on 10 Oct 2020 but this afternoon while casually scrolling through my catalogue it caught my eye and with the aid of the ‘engraved colour’ preset (from this topic A thread for us to share presets!) I produced this:

PS yes, I also cleaned up the people using the Inpainting brush in Affinity Photo, which I find superior to PL’s repair / clone feature.

I am sure there are. The Netherlands was a major sea power during the age of sail.


Yikes!!! I meant to write “without”.
When I went walking with the lens, I intended to get up close and personal.
I then moved around to get the full impact of 20mm.
If I stepped back, I could have used a longer lens.
Maybe that would have been better? I was trying new things.

Technically, I agree with you.
IRL I don’t.
Years later, trying to find a photo is already hard enough.

When I come home after a shoot, I ingest my photos from the memory card using Photo Mechanic. I keep good photos, and those that I’m not sure about. Junk photos get deleted.

It’s what I do. I hesitate to recommend it to others, for the reasons you noted.

Yankee, Santa Claus,boss,gin,landscape,yacht etc. Source Lijst van Nederlandse leenwoorden in het Amerikaans-Engels - Wikipedia

The “steering wheel” of a big containership, Maersk Kalmar.


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I should have known that, but forgot…

Obviously you are right, and I’m living in the past. :frowning:

I don’t know what you mean.
You’ve also an image of the bridge.
Here’s an image when you look out the bridge. The ship was laying in a dry dock. The construction you’re looking at is meant to place the containers.

If you want to see how it looks with container, here’s a link to
MAERSK KALMAR Ship Photos | AIS MarineTraffic

Until now, this has been true, but in the near future, the AI may surpass people in “intelligence”. How “self aware” it becomes, if at all, is a related question.

How “intelligent” is the average guy out on the street collecting the day’s garbage?
How “intelligent” are all of us here in this forum?
How “intelligent” was Einstein?

In the not too far off future, a computer could become aware of all the communications between people, at schools, at work, in the street, in colleges, and in any and all business or government people connected to the internet.

ChatGPt 4 has made it obvious what can already be done. Think of all the things that may be added in the future, including any and all publications, movies, discussions, phone calls, that are already connected to “the net”. Top secret calls - no problem, once the computer can de-code them.

I think the scary part isn’t that software like ChatGPt can do this.
The scary part is what happens when ChatGPt can also understand the meaning, and find a way to exist on its own, no need for people - and with the ability to protect itself.

Chat GPt 4 is supposed to allow me to upload images. This didn’t work yesterday, but maybe I just didn’t understand how to do it yet. The more I read about it, the more excited (and anxious) I get. It’s the ultimate science fiction themes coming to life, right now!

(…and this is the public version. I wonder what the software that now exists can do that hasn’t yet been described or shown on-line.)

Sorry, you are in the wrong forum!

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No, I just have to open an imagination, thinking of all the things that AI might be able to do for me once I can send it photos, and it can evaluate them. In that case, it might be an asset for what I do with PhotoLab. It could “ingest” everything that has been written about PhotoLab, and for that matter, everything that has been posted in this (and other) forums. I don’t know how much it might “understand”. But I guess you’re right, there is no need for me to post about it here, until when/if I find it can do something useful for my own photography.

Skynet isn’t real

Thank you, Wolfgang. It’s already way off topic what Mike puts in here.

Since the title of this thread is “Off Topic - advice…”, this means if it is off-topic, it is actually on-topic, and if the AI software can do what I think it can do, it will eventually be even more so.

True, at least for now, but so many things we take for granted today were vaporware or sci-fi not all that many years ago.

This is an actual photo that (after a lot of manipulation in both the camera and PhotoLab) will either have you all liking it, or telling me to go get some mental help. Not sure which. I saw the possibility, put myself in the right place, knowing ahead of time what I would do with PL. Despite the fact that I took it, or maybe because of that, I feel dizzy looking at it! Start to finish, it was lots of fun, and if nothing else, I’m happy that it “worked”.

This is as far away as I can get from wearing my “reporter” hat.

Oh, and it IS a real photograph, taken as one image from my Nikon Df, which I felt like having fun with today. :slight_smile:

DF1_3183 | 2023-03-18.nef (33.2 MB)
DF1_3183 | 2023-03-18.nef.dop (14.9 KB)

Read this: