A few questions from a newbie about PL7

Ah ok!
In French version there is no mention of Filmpack in the list of renderings group as we can see in my copy screen above.

Same thing in German or other languages. As soon as a FilmPack license is added, the reference to FilmPack goes away and the text will be un-greyed-out (silly word combo, but I suppose you get the meaning) and the options will show.

@Patal, OK good for you :slight_smile:

Some of the integration between Photolab _ ViewPoint and Filmpack is seamless. The tools are just there without any “labels” :slight_smile:


Ahh - I DO see those (additional FilmPack) controls, as in your circled screenshot!


And, be sure to understand this too …

Unless you want to use panoramastitch in camera or other oocjpeg only things as focusstacking…:grin:

@ohaya about smartlighting when you use the box only on highlighted point you can use this as lockpin wile raising overal exposurecorrection.
SL tries to keep that box within it’s dynamic range. So you don’t get blown highlights. Like the head of a chicken stays still wile moving the chickenbody. :grin:

An other auto sharpening is microcontrast in automodes, magic want. That’s part of the optical module. You wil see that every image has it’s own setting.
Often is this enough for the base contrast.
Clearviewplus is a mix of dehaze and clarity. In other aplications.
The “smart” in clearview is it tries to avoid spread microdots in planes of color. It tries to enhance lines and saturate color more by adding black dots (not more color)
When you have Filmpack as extra option finecontrast can be used as clarity without sharpening, balance colors with saturation in HSL. (microcontrast sharpens often to much and causes even moiré in brickwalls and such.)

Last thing: Black in advancend contrast isn’t the same as blacklevel. It is too wide range to use it as a form of dehaze for watersurface for instance.
Pulling the line in curvetone down works much better.

Hi Joanna,

Sorry I haven’t posted back in a while - things have been busy at work and home and shooting :)…

Re. the Smart Lighting: Do I literally do as you said, i.e., select the black and white points and that is all? Do I also have to select from the “mode” dropdown (slight, medim, etc.)? It doesn’t seem to do anything unless I select from that dropdown or the intensity.

Also, when I hover over the help for Smart Lighting, it mentions “based on automated face detection”. How does that work?


@ohaya, may i answer?
Yes originally the box modes was for autodetect faces and light up those in the shadow and dimdown those in the sun to get better lighting on the faces al togetter. You can stil use that.
Make a preset which have SL in box mode and slightly 25% but the tool turned off.
When you have people in the image just turn on this tool and it will search for faces.

Smartlighting is an algorithm like idyn of panasonic and other dynamicrange stretching software in camera’s.
It alters the contrast and exposurelevels in order to get all people on board.
In order to have more control in this you can place boxes on “parts of importance”
Things in the shadow you want to give more detail and exposure? Place a box.
Things in the bright you want to give less exposure? Place a box.
You can place as much boxes as you like and move them around to see if it’s give the effect you need.
Don’t expect a one tool does the photo.
Use it as base setting
And play with exposure compensation and curvetone and contrast and selective tone and watch the things inside the boxes.

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Of course !

Thanks for that information… I think you’ve also answered some other questions I’ve had, before I asked them, e.g. your last sentence… I’ve been wondering how I can “see” that SL actually does… I think it’s easier to understand by doing that.

I will give what you describe a try, then get back to you.

Thanks again!

Yes !!!
DxO put adds inside messages in forum and they even put adds INSIDE photolab !!!
If you don’t buy filmpack you get an interface cluttered with lot of advertising unusable buttons or menu entries.