4.1.1 and PS

I just downloaded the latest version of the NIK Collection. Silver Effects and Vivenza work in PhotoLab 4 and Affinity Photo. They do not work in my PSCS6 with an error message reading ‘not enough memory’ which is absurd if meaning ram (32gig and nothing else open). So I’m wondering if CS6 is just too old for these Nik filters now. And please, I’m not giving Adobe another dime to upgrade so if CS6 is the problem if anyone knows of a way around this issue, I’d much appreciate it.

From the official compatibility list

What do you use PS CS6 to do?

There’s always Affinity Photo, which isn’t too bad for the price.

Either that, or look into DxO PhotoLab 4 Elite with FilmPack and ViewPoint. I left PS a few years ago and do 95+% of my work in PhotoLab. It also includes most of Nik Collection stuff so you might like to ask DxO if you could “side grade”?

see Issues with Nik4 - #8 by Wolfgang

BTW, the installer for Nik 4.1.1 (Windows) now comes with an indication like ‘save the last installer before updating’ – unfortunately without directing to the compatibilty chart (or else).
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Well clearly NIK is not supposed to work with PS CS6. That’s what I wanted to know. I’ll just use NIK with Affinity Photo or as a stand-alone which often suits me fine. I use PS for things I find easier to do with it rather than Affinity. Just depends. I assume CS6 will stop working at all some day so I’m gradually getting used to Affinity and weaning off of PS (using since mid-1990s with PS3).
Thanks both for your answers.

Have you tried DxO PhotoLab? That way you get all the Nik stuff with full RAW processing thrown in. I chucked PS years ago.

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Never, or almost never, use PS for raw processing. Been using DxO for many years now. But I’m not keen on having my raw processor do creative processing except just the sharpness (and noise), basic tone and color improvements.

So, assuming you are using PhotoLab for RAW conversion, why go to the effort of using Nik on an exported file, when you can work on the RAW directly and gain all benefits of being able to go back to the RAW adjustments if the non-RAW stuff changes how you feel about the RAW conversion?

After all, PhotoLab doesn’t touch the RAW file and can do the same adjustments as the separate Nik tools. The disadvantage of exporting is that you now have an extra file for every image that you process, whereas, with PhotoLab, you only create a TIFF or JPEG when you are happy with the result and want to purpose it for printing or publishing. Then you can delete the exported files, knowing that you can recreate them with the click of a button, should you need them again.

Might I suggest you try a PL-only workflow and compare the results?

Well, everyone is different. I use PL for raw photos but use Affinity and NIK (either with Affinity or stand alone) mostly for evaluating and/or transforming the images I do with 3-D software which are not photographs. And in my picture viewer program I like to have more than one example to consider at a time and for me it’s easier to navigate around to older image variations with it. I would feel cramped in PL trying to do that as much as I like it for raw conversion. Maybe I’m just set in my ways.