2023 Black Friday deal?

I am fully aware of the situation. I appreciate the fact that PhotoLab 7 was released 1 month earlier than previous releases. I note the withdrawal of the DXO team from this forum. And it is logical to assume that it is a saving of finances. I also see DXO attempt to shift most of their financial needs onto their loyal customers. And with unfair means. I see that the price for new customers has not been increased. This leads me to believe that the DXO realize that at higher starting prices, new customers will not come. Nor will they return old. But I don’t think DXO understands that many of us are here to protest Adobe’s subscription model. But nowadays it is becoming more and more expensive to fight for your ideals.
I’m not sure loyal users realize that this group is shrinking… and that suggests they’ll have to pay more next year to provide the same funding to DXO.
Personally, I don’t take an active part in the discussion of new possibilities of PhotoLab lately. The reason is simple: for previous years, the only “win” was the ability to put a logo when exporting from photolab. It is possible that they also fixed the problem with the missing profile when exporting to sRGB (the export interface has been changed, but I didn’t want to test if everything is correct). Next year I will also avoid discussing the changes in photolab. And this time the reason is that I don’t rule out the possibility of “getting off the ship”…

the most stupid thing is to use a raw converter in protest and not on merit … and those who do shall pay the price ( literally )

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which still is better achieved by exporting to application which is a script that slap logo in the file from DxO using imagemagick or whatever other command line tool … granted it is not very parametric, but what you can put in there beats anything that DxO might offer ( including values of exif tags, etc, etc )

See this history upgrade trend made by @Adam

With all due respect, but from your comments we seem to be talking at cross purposes regarding the concept of a raw working space and an output colour space like sRGB. If you have used Lightroom, Capture One etc you would have been editing in an even wider colour space than DXO Wide Gamut. The idea of soft proofing is to allow you to see where the colours have been pushed “out of the target spaces gamut”. You can then decide if you want to correct this or not. In printing you can also toggle on the “simulate Paper & Ink” to get an idea of how contrast, saturation is impacted and again adjust these to compensate for the differences.

If your monitor is only sRGB then this will effectively almost act like a hardware colour proofing, the quality depending on how good your monitor colour profile is, as it can’t display colours outside of sRGB.

As regards the white border when soft proofing, this is settable to whatever shade of grey you want, as is the normal editing window border. You will find the slider adjustments for both in the preference dialogue.


I’m very disappointet about PL7, because it’s not offering anything interesting for me. So i won’t update.
In addition, the expensive upgrade price on black friday is a joke, too. I think it is possible, that you will get a year of Lightroom cheaper than an upgrade to PL on black friday and that’s strange.

I will use PL 6 for the future, but getting the impression that PL is becoming a money trap, i won’t buy anything more from DXO.

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Like I said I understand your point of view. But what is useful for you is not necessarily useful for me. It’s useful for you - pay for the software. I don’t like it - I won’t pay. Everyone votes with their wallet. This is fair.

Photolab 7 question is closed for me!

Is it correct to get all features I only need Elite 7, Filmpack 7, & Viewpoint 4? Nik does not add any features, correct?

Don’t know what you have been using / what you are familiar with. So it’s a bit difficult to answer.

in general
PL7 + FP + VP will mainly take care of raw-file developing / editing before you finally export to a ‘destructive’ format, while the Nik tools only work with tif- and jpg-files. The latter you can use with PL as well with Lightroom, Photoshop, Affinity Photo …

Is it normal that the price of the FilmPack 5 update is 89 €, the same price as a new application? I thought the reduced price for updates applied to versions n-1 and n-2?


FilmPack 5 released in 2014.
We can maim the principle !?

I am also pretty disappointed with the Black Friday ‘sale’ and have also decided not to bother with the update from PL6 and VP3. Was also expecting to add on Film Pack with the saving but now with PhotoMechanic going subscription, wondering if my best option is to hold on to the current DXO, see what the new PhotoMechanic looks like when that arrives and either staying put else going back to Adobe.

It seems it is new policy : discount applies now only if you get the previous version.
I think I heard this in a dxo live streaming about Filmpack 7.

This should be made extremely clear when you go to the purchase page. But it’s absolutly not. Users have to know what they buy ! Photolab is not as an insurance contract !

Look at rawdigger purchase page for example (all 3 columns correspond to 3 different versions ) :

Everything is clear there.

Sounds fair…if you don’ t like it, then just move on and find another piece of software. Simple as that.

I really like DXO PL and I just upgraded to PL7/FP7. Again worth every penny.
I hope that DXO will concentrate on further improvement of what’ s already there, instead of new possibilities and get too bloated. I like it the way it is and as a raw developer, there’ s simply no substitute for me that does any better.