100% slower latest version?

I find on my Macbook M1 Pro it is now 18 seconds to process an image which is 9 seconds slower than the previous version? I guess there’s a reason…

Which versions of PhotoLab are you comparing?
Have you checked app settings?

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I have the latest release, so this one compared to the previous one. What app settings should I look at, it appears to have chosen the neural engine as before? Thank you for replying.

Based on your observations, I installed several versions of PhotoLab 5 on macOS Monterey on MacBook Air 2020 (8CPU, 8GPU, 16MB RAM; Rosetta2 was used)

I then tested versions 5.1 and above and got the same export times, give or take a few seconds for an export of 60 images:

  • 61 seconds → 21.4 MB/s with No Correction and without exporting metadata
  • 191 seconds → 6.8 MB/s as above - plus DeepPRIME in its default settings

Please note, that if you change image customizing, export times can change considerably. Also, if the computer goes to sleep while exporting, export will be suspended and will only resume, when sleeping is over.


Hmmm I think I have 5.2.3 at the moment I will try and get 5.3.0. I had noticed a slow speed improvement up to 5.2.3. I just apply a preset then export as dng with changes. It is not a big deal just an observation, I hope that I don’t have 5.3.0 and it has better conversion speed than my current one.
Many thanks for your study, very kind of you to do.

…select your DPL app (only click once) and press command-I. This should reveal the version number.

If you want your Mac to stay awake, open the Terminal.app, type caffeinate and hit enter. Once that export has stopped, press ctrl-c to quit the caffeine. You can also move the mouse every now and then or change energy settings in macOS’ preferences.

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For exemple … on iMac Intel :

Very slow … :confounded:

On no, which version of Photolab is this with?

I know this doesn’t help you with your Intel Mac, but version 5.3 has Photolab finally flying along on Apple Silicon Macs. This export included about 25 images with DeepPrime enabled. M1 Mac Mini, 8Gb memory, 24mpx NEF files exported as jpg.

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I have, and use with photolab, a macbook M1 pro. As said once it was doing a 50 mega pixel Sony A1 file in 8 seconds now with the latest 5.3 its 18 seconds. I can only imagine somewhere along the line I changed my preset making it 10 seconds slower as no one else has suffered this loss of oomph.

Hi @TimMunsey , apologies you did say all of that, I’d forgotten you were the thread starter and was replying to ludoe1 mistakenly thinking they were the one with the problem.

Hope you find the cause of your slowdown soon :crossed_fingers:

Reran an export and got approximately the same export performance.
Customising images was fluent too, so I guess it’s an individual case that is best being addressed to DxO support.

20-30 seconds per image for 50MP images with DeepPrime is normal, unless you have Apple Neural Engine (M1 Mac, doesn’t matter which one) or a higher end graphic card.

Mark’s right though – processing was slower for Prime.

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In my case it was just an exportation of .CR2 files about 24 M pix. with Prime option .
Little bit slow …

PRIME processing is slow for everyone because it is not processed by a graphic card’'s GPU. For those of us with a supported graphics card, DeepPRIME is much faster than PRIME.


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With the latest update 5.3.1 it is back to 8 seconds per image (14.55 min to do 110images).
Sony A1 compressed files on MacBook M1 pro basic 14inch.

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