No Fallback within the same version of DPL5!

Testing different versions of PhotoLab 5, I found that the database changed between versions 5.1 and 5.2, which means that, if one has to fall back, work can be lost, because the DB changes are neither advertised nor a backup copy created.

I haven’t tested other versions of DPL for such issues, but I’d really love
DxO to make sure that a fallback possibility is not killed when DPL is updated within a major version.

It’s okay to restructure the DB between major releases (which did not interfere until now), but if we have to make a DB backup before updating with intermediate/minor releases, I’d consider it as a welcome and user-friendly gesture if the update created the backup automatically…

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Maybe you need to consider switching the OS as a way to always delete, what’s not working well anyway?
Funny, it would be a workaround and I thought, PL is a workaround in progress? [/irony] :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :partying_face:

Databases are the devil :smiling_imp:, everyone knows that. All PL users, I mean.

…one could argue that, as long as you have the sidecar files, all is well…which is, sadly, not the case.

Well, but multiple possibilities of destroying user’s work sucessfully can spice up the day really well. :joy:

Sorry, I’m just here as an observer and in the process of transfering the RAW files I used to work on with PL to something else actually working. But, surprises everywhere: Ratings I made in C1 and synced it to the RAWs (XMP-sidecars) were gone after I wanted to read them together with added keywords and GPS data back into C1 (that’s also working without adding keywords). Hey, I love programmers, they make life such a big adventure!