Zoom stop at 75%

I discover on PL3 a stop on 75% zoom when I activate the wheel in Repair mode (it was on LA mode in PL2).
60 - 70 - 75 - 80 - 90%

We know 75% zoom is a barrier to make sharpening visible and this stop is expected for many time.

I (we) ask for this behavior in all mode on Windows.

Sorry but I don’t have this restriction with the wheel.
Mac OS 10.13.6
PL 3.0.2 built 24

[Edit] I (we) ask for this behavior in all mode on Windows.

Sorry, I read too quickly.

Why too quickly ?
This stop exist or not exist on Mac OS ?


Perhaps it the way you expressed it in English, but I don’t understand your point. Are you taking about sharpening or zooming? I can zoom using the scroll wheel of my mouse in Repair mode in Windows 10 all the way to 400%. And sharpening appears in Repair mode at 75% and above. If you post in French I will use DeepL to translate it to English so I can hopefully better understand this issue.



Thanks to your translation proposition :wink:

I mean when using wheel to zooming, the scale change by 10% steps.
I request to a stop on 75% (between 70% and 80% stops).
That works for LA and the new repair faeture bur not for others case.


Oh. Ok. Now I understand. You are referring to the granularity of the scale as you zoom. In Repair mode you can zoom from 70% to 75% to 80%. It also zooms like that does that in local adjustments. In normal mode the zoom skips 75%. I agree it should zoom to 75% in all modes which is the starting point for viewing sharpening. Of course, it would be even better if the threshold for viewing sharpening was set at 50%.



We must vote now :wink:

I just voted. Since it zooms that way already in other modes, I would guess its a small effort for DXO to make that the default for all modes.




I’ve brought good news :wink: . It will be implemented and I will close the request to free your votes.

Svetlana G.