Zoom on nik sharpener 3 granularity limited to 3x?

I can only zoom my images to 100 or 300% 100 is too small and 300 way to large. Is there a way to incrementally zoom by say 10%?

I am using it from DXO PhotoLab 4.

a search on zoom returned 0 results in this forum.


It’s still the old interface and you always could see the whole pic, 100% and 300%.

With HiDPI-screens, Nik Output Sharpener needs to be redesigned, as DXO already did with ColorEfex etc. This is important as to judge the appropriate amount of sharpening you have to be in 100% scaling.

have fun, Wolfgang

Personally, I would appreciate to zoom the same way than from PL5. It’s strange and frustrating to get 2 behaviors when switching from one to the other. I know that Nik has been incorporated into DxO catalog but it’s been some years now…