Zoom in to an image

I cant see how to zoom in to an image?

On Windows you roll the mouse wheel (I can’t remember if you need a qualifier key too as muscle memory kicks in and I use too many other programs)

In Windows use the mouse wheel. to zoom in and out. No additional key necessary. You can also double click the image with your mouse to go back and forth between the current zoom level and 100% You can also use the Zoom dropdown menu on the top. Finally, you can use the full screen or 1:1 buttons on the top icon bar.

Drop down zoom percentage

Full Screen and 1:1 icons


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And when you double click on a location in the image it will put that part in the middle of the zoomed image, if possible.



After a long time of using PL, I am learning this double click option and its location for the first time, and I have read the manual several times…


On the Mac you can also use Command-1 and Command-0 to zoom to 100% and fit-to-screen respectively. However, when zooming in the displayed location will always be the center of the image.

Also, with a Mac track-pad, the standard pinch-to-zoom shortcuts seem to work.