Z9 with 70-200 Z and 1.4 & 2.0 Tel not recognized although optical module is downloadable

Hi There,

i noticed a kind of weird bug with PhotoLab 5.1.3 Build 55.

Today I was able to test around with the Nikkor Z Teleconverters. Now inside PhotoLab the 70-200 pictures without Teleconverter get recognised correctly and the Lensmodule is installed, but for this Lens in combination with these converters the system flags them as “no optical module available”. Till now everything normal but if I look up which modules are available through the Module Downloader/finder, I can see these modules and download them for this lens, camera with teleconverter combination. Still after downloading PhotoLab still claims no module available. Happens with JPG and RAW files. For all my other Lens and Z9 combinations the modules are recognised correctly.

Good morning!

@Marie could you, please, have a look?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Hello @SoulPictures ,

we have also noticed that issue (TC are not well identified on Z9). We are working on it, I’ll tell you when an update of PhotoLab get the correction.


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Thank you for this information!

interestingly the TC is correctly visible within the section where you print the string for lens and camera used.

Looking forward to the fix.