Z9 file support... timeline?

With the second shipment of Z9’s due pretty much now I’m personally in need of the Z9 file support.

Do we have a timeline for PL to support the Z9?

To support it they must first get a copy of one to test. After testing and creation of the optics module it must be scheduled for one of the periodic point releases. The whole process can take a while assuming they are able to acquire a copy of the Z9 to test it. The camera was only released two weeks ago and it is my understanding that they are in short supply. While anything is possible, I wouldn’t expect to see support for it for at least another month or perhaps longer…


Thanks Mark, yep, appreciated all those factors. I also understand it’s in DXO’s interest to get it out there considering how many people use even Pure Raw these days in a LR/PS workflow.

I upgraded to PL5 only for Z9 compatibility when it comes but I fear I’ll be using other programs for a while when I get it. And that’s disappointing.

When do you think you’ll be getting yours? I’ve read that some people don’t expect to get theirs for quite a while due to the ongoing chip and supply chain issues.

I’m still waiting myself for support of the new Nikkor z 40m f/2 and z 28mm f/2.8 SE which I’m using with my Z fc aa a light walk around kit. Perhaps @Marie will respond with an update on the Z9.


Wow, now that’s a LONG lens! :flushed: :crazy_face: :rofl: Do you use a flatbed to carry it?

Over the years I’ve noticed that 95% of all my images are shot at less than 100mm on crop sensor cameras, with more than 2/3 of them below 50 mm. As a result I tend to use short zooms and wide, fast primes, especially since much of what I capture is in low light situations and indoors.

The lenses I use with my new Nikon Z Fc, in addition to the 16-50mm kit lens, are the Nikkor z 28mm f/2.8 se and the z 40mm f/2. It gives me a nice lightweight kit that meets most of my current requirements for a walk around camera. All three of my Z lenses together weigh around 16 oz or so. I could carry them on a toy flatbed truck :wink:

Even when I use my Canon 7D Mark II, my three favorite lenses are the Canon 15-85mm, the Canon 35mm f/2 IS, and the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8. I rarely shoot anything longer. At over 29 oz though the Sigma is definitely not a lightweight. However, it is such a unique lens, and is incredibly sharp across the frame, that is is worth the effort to drag it around.


While until I have it in my hands there’s obviously no firm guarantee, I’ve been promised I’m next in line at my local store in which I ordered. The conversation has been mid Jan and more recently possibly even sometime this week. Australia seems to do pretty well with allocations, maybe due to the smaller numbers/market… or the fact our prices are so bloody high!

Or maybe because they are closer to where the products are manufactured and are less impacted by the ongoing worldwide shipping issues. I hope you get it as soon as your dealer has suggested. It may be a game changer so please let up know how you like it.


Mark, I was just playing with you. You typed “40m f2” instead of “40mm f2”. You’ve got to admit that would be one big lens. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yep, it would be a sizeable walk around lens.


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Thanks, will do. Yeah we are seeing covid effects here also with respect to businesses manpower/capacity and shipping issues, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear any day that the expected delivery has slid a week or two… but I live in hope!

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Well, my Z9 is in my hands as of yesterday… would be awesome to get an update on the Z9 support…