Yellow rating stars from another program in PhotoLab 3

All my images of my last photo session suddenly had yellow rating stars. Like the usual rating stars in PL3, but yellow. I found out that I had accidentally set these marks when entering data in GeoSetter before. These rating stars were apparently taken over into PL3 and shown in yellow.

So I opened the images in GeoSetter again, removed the ratings and saved the changings. Nevertheless, after saving and opening the pictures in PL3 again, the yellow stars are still there.

How can I get rid of them? They are also exported into the JPGs. I don’t want them.

(DxO_PhotoLab_3.3.0 build 4391 Windows version under Windows 10x64 Pro)

Have you tried overwriting the star ratings in DPL?

Select the respective images and type the number of stars you want
number key 0 -> no stars
number key 1 -> 1 star

Note: I’m on Mac

Yes, that’s what I tried out. If I set one or more of the white PL3 rating stars, the yellow ones disappear in this image. But if I set the white stars back to zero, the yellow stars are back again.

Ah, yes, that’s how it works. Sorry for the false lead.

You’ll have to re-edit exports then - what a drag!
Or simply add one star and happily ignore it :unamused:

I hope there will be another solution. I think it’s somewhere in the PL3 database. Maybe I have to delete the whole database. I don’t know. Maybe Svetlana will know on Monday.

I’ve created a feature request that you can vote for if you like:

Hello @Ralf_Brinkmann,

Yellow star rating is displayed when rating was done by a third party application:


But if you modify this rating in that application PL should read it immediately like this:



Please, double check your third party app if it’s properly removes the rating.

Svetlana G.

Good morning Svetlana!
That is exactely what I thought. The third party application is Geosetter, a graphical interface for Phil Harvey’s ExifTool (under Windows).
When I saw the mistake I closed PhotoLab and opened the RAW files again in Geosetter to remove the rating. All the stars are gone there, I have just controlled it.
Then I closed Geosetter and opened the files in PhotoLab again. The yellow stars are still there.
What can I do now?

Oh well, I remember we’ve got a problem with Geosetter already. So, you should do what Alex suggested you here - No update of metadata in PL3 (Windows version) after editing external

Svetlana G.

Ok, that helped. Thank you.

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What I’d probably do in such a case is to quit DPL, trash its database (keep a copy if you need it) and cache files, trash the file’s .xmp sidecar files, then reopen the images in DPL. If the stars still show up, they have been written to the raw file, which is a nasty thing to do.

Anyway, DxO proposes to use DPL as the very first app before doing anything to its exports with any other app.

This is exactly why I think that content related values as keywords and ratings should be added directly to the (raw) file. I think speed is one of the arguments to deal with them in a database. But it is also the reason why things are messed up so often.


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